Best Eco-Friendly Hotels and Resorts in the World

It certainly would help the environment if people traveled less. This doesn’t mean that you need to give up on seeing the world, though. You can choose to use eco-friendly hotels or resorts, instead. Many people tend to dismiss the idea of eco-friendly travel as soon as it is brought up – they imagine that saving the environment should involve living in a tent and eating hard beans out of a coconut shell. They are mistaken. The best eco-friendly hotels and resorts can rival any full-luxury destination. The fact that you get to enjoy yourself without feeling guilty about the damage that you might be causing to the environment is a bonus.

1. Longitude 131, Australia’s Northern Territory

Longitude 131, Australia's Northern Territory

The central region of Australia’s Northern Territory is a desert. It is a world-famous desert, though, because it features Ayers Rock – the world’s biggest monolith. It’s a harsh and bleak environment that could easily be mistaken for a spot on Mars. To those who visit the eco-friendly resort of Longitude 131behind Ayers Rock, though, the desert can only seem like a bed of roses. The resort is built into 15 huge luxury tents that feature every indulgence known to man. The fact that the resort uses no actual buildings makes it particularly kind on the environment that it is in. With everything from the air conditioning to the lighting running exclusively off solar power, there’s little pollution to worry about either. Activities at this resort involve hiking, amateur astronomy dining out under the stars.

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