1. To refresh the aroma of ground spices and seasonings, heat them at full power for 30 seconds.

2. If the stale bread wrapped in a paper towel and warm it up to full power for one minute, the bread will once again be as fresh.

3. Almonds easy to clean, if you put it in boiling water and warm thirty seconds at full power.

4. Walnuts easy to peel, warm them in water four - five minutes at full power.

5. Orange or grapefruit easy to clean from the white pulp if they warm up for thirty seconds at full power.

6. In a microwave oven can be easily and quickly dried peel of oranges and grapefruit. Put it on a paper towel and warm at full power for two minutes. During the warm-up should be mixed peel. After cooling down, it becomes dry and brittle. Store dried peel in a tightly sealed container.

7. Microwave help squeeze the juice of a lemon or orange to almost drops even with very thick peel of citrus. Warm fruit a few minutes in a microwave oven, let cool, and you can easily squeeze out the juice from them.

8. In the microwave can be dried for winter greens, vegetables and crackers and nuts.

9. You can melt the candied honey for 1-2 minutes.

10. In the microwave can knock ingrained smell of cutting boards - they need to wash, rub with lemon and "fry" in the microwave.

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