1. Childhood Friends accept you bigger than anyone because they were there for all your boyish firsts. That time you vomited in your parents bathtub afterwards your aboriginal tequila shot? That added time you banged your ancillary mirror up while alongside parking? Rachel was captivation your hair back; Rachel was in the commuter seat. She was bedlam the accomplished time because it was just so archetypal you.

2. You were all awkward at the aforementioned time. It was a abhorrent time. You weren't ashamed by anniversary other's boobs and braces and boy problems. That's accurate love, appropriate there.

3. Your best belief are of times if you were all together. It's not that your academy belief aren't epic, but annihilation will anytime top the time you little badasses got bent absence caucuses at Model UN. Yup. Your home accompany are the OG badasses.

4. They accommodate some ailing #TBT material. Like that time you all awash into the Macy's bathrobe allowance to try on amateur D bras just for fun? Yeah, that being is abundant on Instagram now.

5. It doesn't amount if you don't allocution forever. A division goes by and you are ashore and afflicted and all you wish to do is allocution to Elise about why activity sucks at the moment. Elise picks up the buzz and you allocution for three hours. Activity is good.

6. They were there for you if anybody abroad was terrible. At some point in your angsty top academy career, anyone was an asshole to you. Your absolute accompany saw it appear and alleged it out for what it was. Annihilation is bigger for the body than absolution go of anyone in your activity who sucks because you apprehend you've already got humans about you who are wonderful.

7. If you charge to escape from absolute life, they're perfect. The actuality that you're no best physically abutting to all your accompany is not a bad thing. If anybody abroad about you is the worst, it's auspicious to get an alfresco angle on your work, friend, and activity problems. Also, you can allocution about Facebook stalking your eighth-grade admirer for a acceptable bisected hour and that will yield your apperception off everything.

8. If you appear home, you absolutely accept four places to go. It doesn't feel like a cruise home if you don't let Elana's dad augment you and bundle with Elise's dogs. Your accompany will not leave until they get to lie on your attic and allocution about humans they don't wish to run into while they're home.

9. By this point in your life, you apperceive who's absolutely afraid by you. Academy accompany may apparition afterwards awhile, but the humans who absolutely beggarly the a lot of to you will break break stay.

10. Top academy memories are so effing funny if you're drunk. Give me and my accompany three bottles of wine and let us acquaint you why declining chem the aboriginal time is hilaaaarious now.

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