10 Reasons why you’re “Just a Friend”

So, you have this girl in your life that's sweet, fun, makes you laugh, and loves you to death ... well, only as a FRIEND! It couldn't get worse than that, you found the perfect match for you and all you can think of is "what does her  boyfriend have that I don't?!" Here are 10 reasons why you got friend-zoned and probably why you'll stay there:

1. You're the shoulder:

It's good to be there for her, but don't take it too far and turn yourself into a teddy bear or a pillow. A shoulder to cry on is sweet, but it's not exactly a turn on. What are her girlfriends for, then?

2. You're the chauffer:

Again, it's good to be there for her, but if you're picking up her friends and taking her car to the shop, think again. It's ok to be helpful but it's not ok to be an errand boy.

3. You're the loner:

If you blow off girls in general in favor of her in hopes that it might make her feel special, it won't work. Girls like guys who are popular with the opposite sex (not a player, though, that's bad too).

A little healthy competition will probably make her value you more.

4. You're the watch:

Like the watch on her wrist, you're always there, at her beck and call, yeah, good luck with that. If you're always hanging around, you'll be taken for granted. A little absence emphasizes the value of your company.

5. You're the cat:

Cats always go "Feed me", "Cuddle me", "Play with me". Needy is the ultimate turn off. Find something to fill your time. Get busy and get off her back for a while. Girls like the chase too, believe it or not.

6. You're the sugar and spice and everything nice:

"Aww, that's so sweet of you!" is how you spell "Friend zoned" in real life. A compliment every now and then is nice, but if you're showering her with compliments and little presents it can freak her out, be reasonable, if she needed somebody to drool all over her, she can get a puppy.

7. You're gay:

If you never send out any signals, flirt, or anything in fear of "blowing it", then how the hell do you expect her to know you're interested? She's going to assume you're either gay or not into her and therefore not an option. Take a little risk, but don't get too touchy too soon or start proclaiming your eternal love.

8. You're the hobo:

Not saying you should spend your money on designer clothes, but if you don't pay attention to how you come off, don't expect her to notice you. Investing in a bottle of perfume and a few nice shirts will probably get you some attention. Girls notice things like that.

9. You're insecure:

When you're insecure you get clingy. It's a complete turn off. If you don't like yourself, it shows and keeps others from liking you. Don't compare yourself to anybody else. Everyone is different. If you're not confident, work hard on faking it, you'll get there eventually. Confidence is a turn on.

10. You're just another guy:

Go the extra mile, open doors, pull out chairs, pick up the cheque, offer your jacket/ hoodie/ sweater if you think she's cold, ...etc. Things like that set you apart from the other guys. It will make her see you as a man, not just a good buddy. Girls like to feel taken care of.


Finally, be yourself and don't try to come across as someone you're not, and remember that a little sense of humor goes a long way. If everything fails, don't feel down, there are plenty of other fish in the sea, that particular person doesn't have to be made for you.

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