1. Powder secret

Dusting eyelashes before applying mascara thickens eyelashes. As the powder can be used not only classic loose powder for the face, but also powder shadows, baby powder. Properly to do so: first paint over the first layer of mascara lashes, and then - a layer of powder, and after - the second coat of mascara. Color mascara does not matter - the secret will work with any shade of the product.

2. The liquid formula is secret

If the ink start to dry up, so the texture is unlikely to make the cilia thicker and more luxuriant. Need a good creamy formula that envelops each cilium. To do this, there are some tricks how to enrich and make more supple texture tools. Apply a few eye drops such as "Vizin" in a tube of mascara. Another trick: put a tube of mascara in a cup of warm water for a few minutes - the texture becomes more uniform and supple.

The secret 3. Attention to the lower lashes

Many people underestimate the dyeing eyelashes on the lower eyelid. But they add volume and top lashes and generally make your eyes more. Only need to learn how to paint them. To do this, make-up artists take the brush with mascara, hold upright and paint over each cilium. Thus achieving a better coloring eyelashes with all parties, including even the tiniest hairs and hard to reach.

4. The secret of staining at the roots of eyelashes

If not completely painted eyelashes and roots are NOT, portions - is "hides" the length and volume of hair. So - we must learn to dye eyelashes horses. To do this, use the trick makeup artists: Lift the upper eyelid and look up at the same time. Need to raise the eyelid gently, just moving up the skin of the upper eyelid. You can also just press your finger on the upper eyelid - it also opens your eyes and makes the roots of the eyelashes more accessible.

Reach the most thin and short hair brush will also help to correct. Bent stick allows you to do it. If you do not have a brush, you can bend the stick yourself - usually sticks specially made of pliable plastic.

5. Full secret staining

Do not forget that paint the eyelashes should be on all sides - that's what makes each cilium thicker, enveloping her coat of paint. Therefore paint eyelashes, holding brush and bottom, and top of the navel.

6. The secret eyelash curler

Using forceps - a good way to create the sexy curve of lashes, curled eyelashes look more magnificent. Can be used for curling tongs or a spoon. And to curl stayed longer to heat your device. This can be done by using hot water or hot air gun. And be sure to let cool down after curling the lashes before you apply mascara become.

7. secret Liner also works on the volume of eyelashes

Apply eyeliner correctly. First, start with in order to paint over the lash line. Ideally, the line should be right at the base of the eyelashes to paint over all mezhresnichnoe space.

Secondly, the color liner should be the same color as the ink. In this case, you will visually lengthen eyelashes.

8. Two layers secret

Even if you do not want to use powder, apply two coats of mascara. Just be sure to dry the first coat of mascara, and then apply a second. Two layers - is twice the color is twice the resistance of the product, and twice the thickness of the coating (which thickens eyelashes).

The secret 9. Nutrition and Care

With age, the eyelashes become thinner, because the worse supplied with nutrients, slowly updated - is the result of age-related changes in the body of every woman, these changes may begin as early as 30 years. Proper care and moisturizing will help prevent this process or suspend. To do this, use a caring oil-based compositions for removing makeup from the eyelashes buy a special tool, rarely use waterproof mascara at night, apply castor oil at least 1 time per week.

10. The secret Volume Mascara

For the effect of lush lashes mascara works best for volume than lengthening mascara. Each brand has different products, the choice is. Volume mascara adds each lash thickness and length of the bit, and lengthening - only length.

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