10 things not to say to a 27 year old

Being in your late 20s sucks. You get the feeling that you did nothing with your life, you’re too ambitious for your age, and you feel pretty old and worked up all the time no matter how “hip” you try to be. Wanna know what makes it 10 times worse? Someone walking up to you and mocking your age! Here are 10 things you just DON’T say to someone in their late twenties:

1. You look tired: maybe it’s because I AM tired and tried to hide it up with makeup but thanks to your snarky comment looks like I did a crappy job on that too!

2. When will you move out? I don’t know captain curious. If it weren't for my parents and my skinny bank account I would have done that 10 years ago!

3. When I was your age: anything that follows that sentence is usually intended to put you down and show you how bad of a job you’re doing in managing your life. Every person has their own journey, their own goals, and their own problem solving techniques, so next time you decide to act all “genius” on how well your life was in your twenties, keep it to yourself.

4. Are you worried about the big 3-0? Of course I am. I’m getting closer to what I thought was real adulthood and here I am taking gas money from my parents! ANY birthday carries a weight with it and thirty is a big, round number, so yeah I’m worried but hopefully I have three more years to kill that fear.

5. When will you start acting your age? Often said by my mom, that sentence is exactly what’s wrong with the world today! What does 27 look like? How should a 27 year old act? Who put the standards on that? Who said being in your late twenties meant you have to work your butt off to buy things you don’t need to impress people you don’t even like? Who said age was tied to behavior? Why can’t a 27 year old enjoy video games, sand castles at the beach, cards, and a bit of finger painting every now and then?

6. Awww your first gray hair: Ok thanks a lot for pointing out that my body is running out of color to paint my hair. No I haven’t noticed that gray hair you’re talking about and please don’t touch it!

7. So, When are you getting married?! URGHHH stop it with that question! You’ll find out when we invite you to the wedding… or not! Butt out already!

8. So when are you having kids…? Ok this is plain rude. Sorry if you feel offended that I shut you out while you tried to discuss my sexual life but again, it’s none of your business!

9. When are you gonna change your car? When our parents were our age, they couldn’t even afford a decent car at 27 so don’t ever forget that. Don’t let your nasty society tell you what your life should look like compared to your friends or what car you should be driving by now, or even which Louis Vuitton should hang from your arm! Don’t get caught up in consumerism that you forget to enjoy your golden days!

10. Isn’t it time you changed? Whether someone states it directly to you or implies it, by the age of 27 changing is as impossible as unicorns modeling for Victoria’s Secret. You’ve been that way for 27 whole years, what makes them think that’ll change now?

The best thing about being in your late twenties is that you finally embrace who you are, you’re comfortable in your own skin, and you just don’t take sh*& from anyone anymore. If there’s anything you SHOULD say to a 27 year old, it should be “congratulations, you’ve made it this far”

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