Losing weight isn't easy—and unsolicited comments definitely don't help. If you've been on a diet, then you know—these are the most frustrating things people say when you're trying to drop pounds.

Should you really be eating that?"

Have you lost any weight yet?" (Guess they haven't noticed…

Oh, I work out more than that!" Hey, it's not a contest

"You're on a diet? Ugh, I've been trying to gain weight." Must be tough…

Any comment about the amount you just ate.

"You're going to let all that food go to waste?!" or any other comment that makes you feel guilty about putting your fork down when you're full.

"But don't you crave [insert amazing food that you areobviously craving]." Yes—thanks for the reminder.

"You have so much self control!" Except that you're secretly dying for a bite of that person's dessert…

Well, I don't think you need to lose weight.

"Have you tried eating less and hitting the gym?" Thanks for the groundbreaking advice!



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