Twitter may be the ultimate resource for breaking news, but it's also an amazing hub for beauty tips. We favorited these pros' tweets.

Mani Monday: Nail Care—many adults suffer from brittle nails, which can be remedied with B vitamins.

#Beauty #Tip: Use a foundation w/reflecting ingredients to minimize the appearance of large pores by diffusing light.

Need a fast, new beauty look for the weekend? Get semiglossy lids by swiping peachy-nude lipstick on your eyelids.

Silk accessories like sleeping caps, shower caps, and silk rollers help the hair maintain moisture and prevent breakage! #hairtip

Use a hair oil as a pre-shampoo treatment: apply from roots to ends of dry hair for 20 minutes, then shampoo out.

Be sure to cover your hairline and jawline with sunscreen every day. These are vulnerable spots for skin cancer and

Brows express emotions. Removing too much on the bottom to raise your arch can create a surprised look.

New study shows virgin coconut oil's better than mineral oil at improving eczema & dry #skin. @rmsbeauty Raw Coconut Cream's a great option.

If your hairstyle needs bobby pins, make sure the bumpy side touches the scalp. The friction keeps the pin from falling out.

When you're about to use a hair product, apply to the BACK first. The front only needs half the amount.

Love this fun zigzag look. Cut a @QTips cotton swab in half & use end to weave a wet top coat. Like?

Pointy nails are definitely trending—match your shape with length. The longer the nail, the more almond the shape.

I like to apply my primer, foundation, and concealer in that order! It really does matter.

Volumizing spray is the curly girl's hair spray. To remove that halo of frizz and give hold, spray on dry hair and gently caress your curls.

There's still half a bullet's worth of lipstick in the tube after it's worn flat. Use a lip brush to scoop up all the beautiful color.

Set the foundation for style! Use spray gel on wet hair and then wring it out to evenly distribute the product. #protip

This #DIY mask is my all-time fave. The Oat Bran Mask: 1 Tbsp oat bran, 1 Tbsp yogurt, 1 Tbsp honey, 1 tsp olive oil. Mix and apply!

Girls—dust off that black polish... So hot for spring. Especially with a twist, like silver line across nail.

Duckbill clips placed horizontally in hair to make dents + blow-dryer + texture spray = major texture!

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