Seasonal depression has many affects and faces in population of the USA at least one time a year, or it happen seasonal.  Spring is the season when this kind of depression is wide spread.


Seasonal Depression

What is Seasonal Depression?


Seasonal Depression is not an easy disease to diagnose as most of the period it passes as light depression. It can begin  slow and  a human feeling a little low during specific seasons but can grow gradually into a disabling disorder moving normal life to a very hard time.
Generally, people who are suffering from seasonal depression feel that what they are feeling is nothing more than helplessness or just bad mood. After some time, gradually depression gets serious and the season starts making them more sad.
Seasonal Depression you can recognize by extreme sluggishness. People sleep more than 10 hours everyday, and even after this time feel tired on getting up.



Depression Self Test


A search on the internet can give you much depression self tests. It is really very easy to do. You will see a number of questions for you. Questions will be based on your emotional and mental outlook. It will have such questions as "I get tired for no reason".
The answers on the depression self test aren't boring. They will provide a guide to hidden feelings too. That can cause depression.



Understanding the Causes of Depression


The causes of depression aren't so easy, and when something negative happen may trigger depression, causes of depression aren't only external factors. Majority of the causes of depression are problems with the sufferer. Seasonal Seasonal Depression is a widespread problem nowadays that has 1 in 4 women and 1 in 8 men. Some people are informed of the symptoms of depression, including  obsessive negative thoughts, feelings of helplessness or hopelessness, gain or loss in appetite, insomnia or an increased need for sleep, irritability and loss of concentration or memory, social withdrawal and recurrent thoughts of suicide or death. Depression is sadness and the causes of depression will easily disappear and the negative feelings will come down.


Depression Infographic


How to Avoid Seasonal Depression


1. Brighten Up Your Home or Office


First of all try to get more natural light!! Based on how high your condition is, you can use phototherapy or light therapy, where peoples sit in front of a light box on a daily like there are in simulated sunlight. If you don't want to change your light bulbs, try to keep open windows all the day to let as much light in your office or home as possible, and keep some of your lights on a little longer to keep your room brighter, even if this light do not simulate natural light.



2.  Exercise and Stay Active


Don't forget that exercises help improve your mood and overall well being. Even getting up and getting outside for a 15 minutes walk in the daylight will make a big difference. Staying active and getting exercise produce dopamine, it is one of the neurotransmitters that control mood, and whether it is the winter blues that makes you down or you are just suffering from general malaise, it will be a big help.


3. Socialize

Get out of the home. Ask yourself how long time ago you beat the winter blues, you will find that you don't spend so much time outside with your friends. Don't  hide inside home alone all winter!

Try to find friends who will get with you out in the daylight, drag you out of the house for a while, work out with you or friend who will come over and keep you company. Social relationships strong and keeping your friendships  will help a lot too, and keep you from wasting the cold season away alone at home.


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