3 Ways to wear colored mascara

Colored eye makeup is everywhere. From runways to driveways, women everywhere are rocking blue eyeliner and purple eyeshadows (albeit some more chicly and less cheesy than others).

Want to try out colored eye makeup without risking an unintentional throwback to the 80s? mark celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles suggests giving colored mascara a try! It works on all skin tones, is easy to apply, and adds as much (or as little) color as your heart (err eye) desires. Here, she shares with us 3 ways to wear colored mascara, subtly

3 Ways To Wear Colored Mascara

On The Down Low… Apply your usual black mascara to upper lashes and apply a colored mascara, like mark Lash Act Build and Define Mascara in Violet, just to your bottom lashes for a more subtle pop of color.

On The Inside Track… After applying black mascara to your upper and lower lashes and letting it dry, apply a colored mascara just to the inner most lashes of both your upper and lower lashes. Much like a luminizer dabbed on the inner corner of your eyes can make you appear more awake, this too will help to brighten and open your eyes.

Just The Tips After applying black mascara and letting it dry, apply colored mascara just to the tips of your lashes for a sprinkling of color.

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