Did you know there are some certain accessories every woman should have? Sometimes it’s hard to know which accessories are necessary, which is why I decided to compile a list of accessories we, as women, should definitely have. Some of them are staples and other accessories help make our lives much easier. Moreover, accessories are a great way to finish off any outfit.
Accessories Every Woman Should Have

1. Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings
Pearl earrings are a classic accessory that is always appropriate no matter your age. These earrings don’t necessarily have to be authentic pearl earrings; you can choose imitation pearl earrings. You can wear them for the most formal occasions such as cocktail parties or job interviews. Moreover, you can wear them during the daytime to add a swanky detail to your casual outfit.

2. Sunglasses


I think every woman should have a pair of trendy sunglasses. If you are a real fashionista, you know sunglasses can be worn year-round, even during the winter season. You can pair them with your leather jacket and some boots. This way, you will look fashionable in the fall. In winter, you can wear sunglasses with a long peacoat on the sunny days.

3. Watch


Everyone needs a good watch, whether it is for time telling or just for show! A watch is an amazing accessory and is great to wear with bangles or alone. If you wear it with other wrist jewelry, make sure that the tone of your accessories matches the tone from your watch. Never mix silver bangles with a gold watch.

4. Daytime purse

Daytime purse

A daytime, or casual, purse is one of the most important accessories every woman should have. You can take this purse to work with you daily, stuff your spare clothes or lunch in. The perfect daytime purse should be roomy in the inside, and should come with both a detachable long strap and short handles. It also should be slouchy so you can fit essential things such as an umbrella or shoes inside.

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