All seasons are wonderful in a way, but spring is a fabulous season for all lovers. The adventurous and lovely weather is full of advantages and there are plenty of interesting things you can do with your significant other. We are tired of indoor activities and we thirst for new unforgettable feelings, memories and adventures. Check out the list of 9 awesome spring date ideas to try this season.

Awesome Spring Date Ideas

1. Little Dirty Outdoors/ Raising Garden

 Little Dirty Outdoors Raising Garden

Extraordinary dates can bring you valuable and touching memories. You can build a raised garden that in your joint project. Step-by-step you create a real spring garden and there’s no need to leave your mansion area. The warmer weather is good for caring for your garden and planting new saplings. Such a date can make your feelings stronger and open a new page in the book of your love.

2. Eat out in Nature

Eat out in Nature

Spring is a season of emerald grass, fresh air and warm wind blows. As soon as it becomes warmer we find a great number of opportunities to get out with your loved one. It is undeniable that small picnics make your common pastime full of romanticism. All you need is to find cozy and picturesque place and create a delicious menu. Some tasty beverages can come in handy when you are relaxing outdoors. This small idea is a wonderful way to spend some quality time with your loved one and celebrate the coming of spring.

3. Go in for Sports

 Go in for Sports

An early morning jog can refresh both your mind and relationship. And a simple evening walk is a great opportunity to have an interesting talk or some flirty banter. Thus, active way of spending time can be a workout and a date at the same time. Don’t be a lazybones and enjoy every moment spent with your beloved.

4. Take the Road

Take the Road

Many couples like travelling the open road and find it quite relaxing. Such long drives provide you with a lot of opportunities to see the world around and visit romantic spots. Nowadays it is easier to take the road, as many restaurants, motels and open-air-markets are available on the route. When having a long drive, you can share feelings and get to know each other better. Furthermore, a great springtime road trip will show you the beauty of many scenic places. You can feel absolute freedom, standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon.

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