Amazed to discover easy floral designs step as it is so wonderful to bring the beauty of summer inside your house from your own garden every day. 

Although a separate cutting garden can be perfect, all of us lack space. However, this have not to be a deterrent.
I recommend to use shrub-sized perennials that may perform double duty, acting not only as foundation grass in a garden's borders but providing flowers too and foliage for summer arrangements around the house.
When cutting flowers and foliage, try to select sparingly from each flower. But do cut.
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Preparation Step

Bouquet can stay freshest when cut in the really of early morning with sharp shears. Put them immediately in water and let them soak for 10 hours.
When you are ready to arrange them, snip off a 1/4 of an inch from each stem and add a dose of a flower preservative to the water to make their life longer.
Don't forget to add a drop of bleach to keep the water clear. Or use opaque vases so you do not see the water when it becomes cloudy.

Foliage Step

You don't need quite so many flowers, choose only some, but that you really like the most.
As example,  geraniums have beautiful, fragrant foliage and come in many varieties. Some of them are lacy, some have burgundy centers and some have small flowers.

Flower power

I adore hydrangeas in white, pink or blue for big blowsy bouquets, calla lilies in a dramatic bud vase and lavender for it is soothing scent and purple bloom.
Pretty arrangements also may be made from sprigs of potted herbs. They are doubly useful in the kitchen room for flavoring dishes and dressing counters.
Bougainvillea offers intense, shocking colors in fuchsia and purple just the ticket for a fun summer barbecue.
And where would summer be without the hardest working plant in the garden? We are talking about the rose, of course. They are perfect for gloriously scented bouquets.
The flower's highly prized plants are among the biggest and most beautiful, and it blooms consistently throughout the summer. The rose is a true star, offering a huge selection from the delicate buds of hybrid teas to the complex majesty of English roses in colors ranging from a whisper to a shout.
Once you have cut the foliage and flowers from your own garden, you can supplement any bouquet's bare spots with store-bought blooms.

What about Rose

The rose reigns again. Fill a vase with some petals, plucked after blooming, then float a candle or votive on top for an original centerpiece.
If you are putting together a cookout at the last minute, clip some strands of beautiful jasmine and wrap them around a hurricane lamp for a quick centerpiece.
You may also intertwine passionflower vines with votive candles, then trail the exotic three-dimensional flowers with their foliage along a table for a simple, yet striking arrangement.
For plants that put to water, consider floating a camellia or gardenia bloom in a bowl to be placed on a table or anywhere. Some gardenias may perfume an entire room with their heavenly scent.

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