Fleece jacket / jumper

Fleece jacket / jumper

There’s a reason arctic explorers wear fleece undergarments in sub zero temperatures – because they are incredibly insulating and they wick away sweat. A good women’s fleece jacket/jumper will go a long way to keeping you at a comfortable temperature outside and in the house – this makes them perfect for saving money on the heating bills. Ladies fleece jackets and jumpers are also rather fashionable like this Sherpa fleece jacket, and so you won’t draw any strange looks out on the street!

Waterproof jacket

Fleece jackets are warm and insulating, but it rains a lot, of course some jackets are actually fleece lined and they can make a fantastic investment, but most people will get better use out of combining a waterproof jacket with a fleece. This waterproof jacket from Cotton Traders is the perfect example of combining the two. and there are a variety out there to choose from in a variety of styles and colours.


If you’re anything like me, then when your hands get cold, the rest of your body suffers! Thin wool and synthetic gloves are fine for spending short periods outside, but they are not windproof. Therefore, if the wind has picked up, we recommend thicker gloves. It is important that whatever gloves you buy that they don’t interfere with your daily activities. Also look in to warm and thin leather gloves, as these can be a life saver for drivers in the morning when the steering wheel is frozen!

Thick socks

If there’s one thing worse than having cold hands in autumn and winter, it’s having cold feet! As well as your foot wear, you will want to pay close attention to the socks you wear when out and about. Thick, woolly socks are always best in winter because they insulate and wick away sweat, but also popular is the humble walking sock – these are heel and toe padded, and they provide a high level of warmth.


Whether it’s raining, snowing or just windy, your footwear is vital towards keeping your feet warm. Together with your socks they will keep you comfortable and as noted, there is nothing worse than having cold feet. So, in terms of footwear during colder months, you should seek a good pair of boots or trainers for when it’s dry and in the rain and snow, walking boots are recommended. However, we understand that these aren’t fashionable,

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