5 interesting trends to look out for in Resort 2015

1. Utility 
Although it’s been there for some time, the bootcamp grundge raises its flag once more. Give it a hint of your style, and smooth out its rough edges to make your outfit more interesting. Military jackets, cargo pants, and vests top the list here.

2. PM Neon
Looks like it’s all about standing up to the night. Evening gowns and cocktail dresses are likely to light up the evening as they take on a fluorescent affair. Turning heads? Maybe. Although I don’t see myself there, I certainly have a newfound appreciation for neon.

3. Colorful stripes
Going vertical and vibrant, this is definitely going to be interesting to see. Suitable for night and day, smart and casual, and a whole lot of fun, I’m definitely looking forward to a modern twist to the tale.

4. White on black
There, and counting. The classic is here to stay, and is revisited this time with bold, new cuts and exaggerated styles. There is no going wrong with these two!

5. Bold color blocking
Happiness is blue and green. Continuing on the relatively vibrant trends to come, color blocking is probably one of the easier trends to take on. It is OK to experiment, but always necessary to accessorize.

Mismatched florals, boxy silhouettes, and statement prints also made the list. It seems that we’re in for some unpredictable eye candy! I can’t wait ‘till this show is on the road!

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