Do you think that you are romantic enough? Let me introduce you some Romantic Lessons From Hollywood Couples. You may think that the celebrity love scene is more fiction than truth. But despite the Vegas weddings, annulments and outrageous pre-nup clauses, celebrities are just like you and me. Benefit from those who deal with love in the right way and those whose romance has gone sour. Plus: Take our quiz to find your celebrity sex style…
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Celebrity Love Tip 1:  Don’t spill all your secrets
Do you remember Bennifer? This beast was created from the union of actor Ben Affleck and singer Jennifer Lopez, who threw themselves in the path of every paparazzi they could find. Whether they were at a coffee shop, awards show or just walking down the street, they played to the camera and couldn’t stop groping each other on film. The result of all this frenzied overexposure? A highly publicized breakup. Take a lesson from this ill-fated couple and keep your romantic life private. By all means, talk about how wonderful your relationship is when the topic comes up. But don’t share the most intimate details of your sex life. Saying too much will only trivialize the experience between you and your lover, so keep those special private moments to yourself!

Celebrity Love Tip 2:  Get turned on
Superman’s Kate Bosworth has said that her beau, Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom, is so attractive that he’s “hard to look at.” First of all Kate, we’d love to have your problem! And secondly, she brings up a good point: Physical attraction is vital.
Sex is an integral part of matrimony, and if you’re not attracted to your partner anymore, you may find yourself stuck in asexless marriage. So if you find your desire waning, remember what attracted you to your partner in the first place.
And if you’re still in the dating scene, don’t hook up with someone who doesn’t turn you on. This sounds like a no-brainer, but you may be surprised at the number of women who date a man because he has money or a high-profile job. Seek out someone who lights your fire all the time.

Celebrity Love Tip 3:  Stay strong
In 2001, Nicole Kidman split from husband Tom Cruise, and she wasn’t shy about how painful it was to her. But instead of isolating herself in her room, she focused on her career, earning an Oscar for her work in The Hours. You don’t have to walk the red carpet or win an Academy Award to feel good about yourself again. But you do need to get back on your feet.
Take time to grieve, but don’t take too long. The best breakup advice: Distract yourself with family, work and other new ventures. Spending time at the gym will help clear your mind and shape a sexy body, and focusing on your career or volunteer work will give you a new sense of purpose.
Do things that you couldn’t do when you were a couple. Were you reluctant to visit Europe because you didn’t want to leave your hubbie home by himself? Now would be the perfect time to go. Whatever you do, make you #1.
Celebrity Love Tip 4:  Easy does it
Cold Mountain’s Reneé Zellweger and country singer Kenny Chesney were caught in a whirlwind romance, rushing to the altar in record time. Unfortunately, the fire died four months later, and the couple had their marriage annulled.
So no matter how hot your new love may be, take it slow. There are no set rules on how long you should date before you take the relationship to the next level, but here’s a good yardstick: Never lose your sense of self.
If you’re caught up in a hurricane of overly romantic gestures and plans for happily ever after too soon in the game, other priorities in your life will fall by the wayside. Instead, take time to get to know each other. If you’re really meant to be together, it won’t matter if you take three years instead of three months to get married.

Celebrity Love Tip 5:  Timing is everything
Brokeback Mountain actor Jake Gyllenhaal and Spiderman’s Kirsten Dunst are notorious for their on-again, off-again relationship. They seem just too young and too hot to commit to anything serious. Not every guy is marriage potential, and you don’t to be making that decision on the first date. If you do, you may be so focused on the future that you forget to live your life in the present. Not only is it about meeting the right person, but timing too. Don’t date a man who isn’t ready for commitment if you’re looking for marriage, and don’t lead your girlfriend on if she wants to move in together but you still want to “see what else is out there.” On the other hand, if you and your partner agree to have fun in the moment, go for it. Just do it responsibly. A successful relationship requires communication… and timing.
The celebrity love scene, no matter how crazy it may be, can answer many of your burning relationship questions. Whether a couple is speeding to the altar or playing it cool, there’s something to be learned from their trials and mistakes. So don’t feel guilty the next time you indulge yourself with a tabloid magazine – think of it as education!

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