Today i will teach you new trick how to loose weight by thinking without doing any exercises. I tried this before by myself and be sure it works. You don't need to spend time in gym or have hard diets. Just teach yourself following tricks!

Loose Weight by Thinking

1. Keep the junk food out of sight and forget about.
It will take some time, but clean out your kitchen. Throw away all of the junk food, sweets, soda and other unhealthy temptations that you may have bought in a time of weakness (yes, that includes that buttery microwavable burger too). If you are not seeing these temptations on a daily basis, you'll have an easier time forgetting that you were craving them in the first place.
2.Trick your mind into thinking you’re eating more.
Using smaller plates and bowls will create the illusion that you are actually eating a larger portion of food than you really are. If you’re cooking dinner that you’re going to eat for leftovers the rest of the week, it’s easy to serve yourself a larger portion than you need. Use miniature flatware and you will feel satisfied by a smaller amount.
3.Drink water when you think you are hungry.
If you sense a feeling of hunger in between meals and start craving a snack, try sipping on water before. You'll be surprised how much a glass of water can satisfy you. And after weards, if you feel hydrated but you’re still hungry, you’ll know for certain that you need a snack. Just make sure to pick a healthy option that has some protein, like one of these.
4. Do not eat until you are stuffed.
According to Livestrong, there is an old Japanse expression that means eat until you’re 80 percent full: “Hara hachi bu.” Sticking to this phrase is a great way to start slimming down. Eat slower, take smaller bites, and make sure you are focusing on eating instead of getting distracted by your computer or TV. You will eventually “train” your stomach into only needing smaller portions of food, and you will feel lighter after every meal.
5. Avoid emotional eating and take a hike.
How many times have you sat on the couch and thought, “I’m hungry” when really you are just bored? I have definitely been guilty of it before. Any time you feel bored, stressed or angry, avoid heading into the kitchen. Instead, just take a walk. Even if you are going outside to grab the mail, it will help you to rethink eating the extra calories that you are not actually hungry for.

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