If there were a scale for thirst-quenching fruits, watermelon would be off the charts—it's more than 90 percent water! Want to make the most of this juicy fruit while it's in season? Blend it up in one of the best-looking smoothies we found on Instagram this week:

Strawberry + watermelon + rhubarb = @EatPlantsandProsper's slightly tart (and super delicious) smoothie.

Frozen watermelon, fresh lime or lemon juice, raspberry juice, and mint makes this the most refreshing smoothie, oh, ever.

Liquid egg substitute, Greek yogurt, and chia seeds bulk up @JenHajar's icy smoothie, made from watermelon ice cubes (frozen chunks of blended fruit with a bit of water), cucumber ice cubes (same deal), frozen kale, frozen shredded carrots, frozen berries, and a splash of blueberry-pomegranate juice.

Pineapple gives @sarahandsunbeams's watermelon and chia seed smoothie a tropical taste—even if you drink it at home in your kitchen.

Watermelon, almond milk, and vanilla protein powder blend up to make a super-yummy vanilla-watermelon smoothie.

Love making smoothies? We want to see your best work! in your tastiest #OatmealSmoothie photo on Instagram, and we could feature it on our site! Just remember to include the entire recipe in your caption so we know what we’re looking at. Good luck!

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