5 ways to help your baby talk

Early vocalisations made by your baby are not ‘talk’ in the sense that your baby is trying to say something specific, but they are ‘talk’ in that she is deliberately using her voice as a means of interacting with you.

You say something to the baby, she makes a sound back and then pauses, as if waiting for your reply. When you say something more, she waits until you stop, as if giving you a turn,  and then makes some more noises as taking her own. This is social sound-making, which only a human voice can stimulate.

Researchers have tried following each sound made by babies with the tinkling of a little bell; but this does not make babies respond, nor affect how much they talked overall.

Your baby ‘answers’ somebody who is talking to her: she doesn’t just make a sound because she hears one.

5 ways to help your baby to talk

1.    Stimulate your baby with regular ‘talk’
2.    Show her a picture book, point to and name things and tell her what they are doing
3.    Tell your baby what you are doing when you are handling her
4.    Ask questions. Use expression, intonation and gestures
5.    Most importantly – listen to your baby and try to answer her in words and talking naturally

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