No matter how many books you read or how many classes you attend, there are certain things that you won’t quite get until you’ve given birth. To make it a little easier and help you understand the time after having your baby, here are the six things that only mothers really appreciate.

Your Expected Due Date Isn’t Exact

Only 5% of babies are born on their due date. That’s right, just 5%! That’s not a lot. Most first time babies are born late, while many subsequent babies are born early; and that’s not including the ones that involve elective or emergency c-sections!

Be prepared to have your baby up to two weeks after the expected due date.



Timing Contractions Is Just Plain Confusing

It seems so easy in the movies, but timing the contractions is actually really confusing. Do you time from the start of the first to the end of it, or right to the start of the second?

How do you time in between the contractions? While they try to help you in the antenatal classes, it’s only when you’re having the contractions that you really start to worry about the timings. Even afterwards, there are chances that you got the timings wrong.

You Don’t Want To Look At Another Blueberry!

Or any other healthy food for that matter. You spend the whole pregnancy being told that you should eat this, that and the other, but in reality all you want is the bad stuff.

Even after having a baby, that’s all you want. You’re fed up of looking at the salads and crackers. You don’t think there is an issue with having takeout five nights of the week once the little one is around.



Your Birthing Partner Is Your Best Friend

You may not appreciate having someone there with you at first, especially if the baby’s daddy isn’t in the picture.

However, there is something about having your birthing partner there that really does make it all easier. It’s a lot better when you end up with people asking you questions while you’re in the middle of a contraction—your birthing partner is there to answer them all for you.

There Are Some Hilarious Parts Of Labour

Having a baby isn’t completely serious. Whether it is the drugs you’re given or something that happens during the event, there are parts of labour that are just absolutely hilarious.

They’re things that you’ll remember forever and you’ll keep bringing them up to each other when you want to reminisce.



You Don’t Always Get Your Plan

Labour very rarely goes to plan, and only mothers can appreciate that. You may have gone in with the idea of doing it all naturally and having no drugs, but you’ll soon appreciate the drugs when it comes to the pain.

Even those with higher pain thresholds opt for at least gas and air. You’ll may also find that the baby has a different time frame for you, your music isn’t really something you want to listen to or the midwife isn’t as friendly as you hoped for.

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