Buying puppies and purebred dogs from breeders is still a popular way to get a pet in the U.S. However, you should consider adopting a dog from your local shelter when it’s time to add a pet to your family. Pet adoption not only gives a dog or cat a second chance at life, but there are many other advantage as well.

It Reduces Animal Euthanasia

Millions of healthy animals are put down in shelters across the country each year because there are no homes available for them.

Many shelters are at their maximum occupancy every day. Giving unwanted animals a home instead of buying puppies will greatly reduce this number.



Some Pets Come Trained

When you adopt an older animal, in many cases, they are already house trained. A common myth that keeps people from adopting is that all animals in shelters are “problem” animals that could not be trained.

In many cases, however, some dogs are turned in when their owners die or moved to a place where their pet wasn’t allowed.

It Controls The Pet Population

The main reason that so many animals are put down is because the pet population is out of control due to uncontrolled breeding.

Many shelters spay or neuter their pets before they can be adopted out, which helps to control this problem. Animals that are not fixed are also at a higher risk for ovarian and testicular cancer.



You Can Save Money

It is much cheaper to adopt a pet than it is to buy from a breeder. Most adoptions cost no more than $75-$100 per animal.

Many shelters also have specials where you can adopt for even half that price, especially when there is an overcrowding issue in the area. Pet stores and breeders often overcharge for their puppies, particularly purebreds.

You Will Get Low-Cost Medications

When you adopt a puppy, many shelters include worming and their first booster shots in the cost of adoption. As an adopter, you may also qualify for other local discounts at pet stores and your local vet’s office.

This will also help to ensure that your puppy gets a healthy start in life.



You Can Adopt Purebred Animals

Most people think that shelters are full of mutts that no one wants. However, there are purebred animals available at shelters as well.

Many owners give up these dogs for a number of reasons, and you can even sign up on a waiting list to be notified if a certain breed becomes available for adoption.

Keep in mind, however, that some shelters will not adopt out breeds that are considered high risk, such as pit bulls or Rottweiler dogs.


There Is A Wide Variety To Choose From

Adopting from a shelter gives you a wider selection than you would get from a breeder. Many shelters have dogs, cats, and even small animals available for adoption.

A wider variety of animals means that you will have a better chance of finding the pet that’s perfect for your family.

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