Sometimes women claim that a certain color might not be for them, but did you know that there are a few awesome clothing colors which are perfect for every woman? I have based my closet the last few years on these clothing colors since I know they always look great. Plus, these colors are really easy to mix and match and they are great colors to wear to work. Here are seven clothing colors you should begin wearing more often.
Clothing Colors to Wear More Often

1. Purple


One of the best colors that you should certainly wear more often this year is purple. I love purple and I think it’s a must-have in every woman’s closet. Purple is a complementary color to all skin types and hair colors, and it can be paired with brown or black pieces of clothing.

2. Emerald green

Emerald green

Emerald is a fantastic color for every woman to wear. This color adds a sense of vitality, life and energy, and looks great no matter what your skin tone or hair color is. Emerald green is a fun and a bit adventurous color that is incredibly beautiful for the office, especially if you pair it with a basic color like brown or black. You can add a little bit of flair to your outfit by wearing an emerald green scarf, belt or piece of jewellery.

3. Navy blue

Navy blue

Every woman looks amazing in navy blue. Although navy blue was very popular in the early 90s, this color is making a massive comeback these days. Fortunately, navy blue looks great on most of us, because blue sends a message of safety, comfort and accountability. I love to pair it with brown or black colors, and it also goes awesome with my tan. You can wear it on the weekends or to work.

4. Black


Black is a favorite color of most women due to numerous reasons. This color sends a message of professionalism and sophistication and it can easily be paired with almost any color. Plus, men adore a woman in a little black dress. If you wear black in the office, it will send a message of leadership.

5. Grey


Grey is not as boring as many of us think. It’s actually incredible color to add to your wardrobe. It’s highly appealing to most men, since it sends a signal of softness, coziness and comfort. Plus, it’s a professional color to wear to work, and it matches almost everything. If you don’t like grey, okay, read on to learn more fabulous colors…

6. Cream


Cream is a great color for you to wear more often since it adds more softness than pink does. Though I like pink, I know it’s not good for each occasion. Cream is marvelously feminine, a bit sophisticated, and on dark skin or pale skin, it looks dazzling!

7. Brown


Although brown may sound a little boring, I personally like this color. It can easily be paired with almost any color, and it compliments almost every skin tone. You can wear brown from one season to another. It goes perfectly with trendy leopard prints, and pairs greatly with denim. Brown might seem boring in the office, but it sends a sense of classic style.

Many shades of greens, blues, and some basic colors look amazing on almost every woman. Pinks, reds, yellows and oranges are also beautiful colors, but, unfortunately, they look good on certain skin tones.

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