For most fall signals the end of the summer and the beginning of the school year, which requires a lot of preparation and could be stressful to break into from the laid back summer months and get back into the routine. It could be a stressful time for both children and parents and most often than not, people are consumed in that you forget to enjoy the goodness this season brings around. Here are seven fall activities to enjoy with your children.

Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are a lot of fun, they are usually in a wide open space that many children enjoy running around in. There are also often children’s tables where they can read, play or face paint.

So next Saturday, skip your trip to the grocery store and go get your vegetables at your local farmers market with your children. There will be plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and baked goods to reward them with if they well behave.



Pumpkin Patch

This one of the most exciting family friendly activities. Many farms around the city will have pumpkin on hay patches where children could run around and enjoy the fields and crispy day in the sunlight.

Some will even have a pumpkin carving option and it will make the perfect preparation for Halloween.

Moderate Hikes

Take your family and go out to enjoy the outdoors and watch the falling leaves change their colors.

Many hiking trails will have a difficulty rating and you will know ahead of time whether or not it is appropriate for a child. You will get some exercise and the children will get the opportunity to spend time with you.




Who said picnics are only a summer activity. Parks are beautiful in the fall.

If you are concerned about the cold, bundle up the coats, put few sandwiches together and take your children to run around in the park.

Apple Picking

Who doesn’t like apples? These healthy fruits are favourites of many people. Many farms will allow apple picking where you buy the apples you pick.

Your children will learn where apples come from and they will have the opportunity to be out in the fields and perhaps with a close eye on them to climb trees.



Garden/Backyard Clean Up

A great way to spend time with your children and be productive at the same time.

Depending on their age, you do not need to give them many difficult chores, but simple tasks like watering, picking out leaves, or left over tomatoes will make them feel involved and give the family a chance to get together and enjoy the day.


Book / School Supplies Shopping

It is back to school time and it is no doubt that your children will need school supply and perhaps books for the class or for their own reading.

Instead of looking at it as a chore, make it a fun family event where everyone goes out to get supplies. Let the children pick their binders and pens.

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