After revisiting classic Parisian fashion, I couldn’t but move the spotlight to my favorite place in the world, down to the French Riviera. The beautiful summers in the South of France inspire a free-spirited, breezy, yet clean and chic wardrobe. Nothing beats those mornings on the beach and a quick change to catch lunch or cocktails with the girls, and a nice walk at sunset down the Boulevard de la Croisette. That said, your 7 key items for outings after a relaxing day by the sea:

7 items for a summer in the French Riviera

1. Crepe shorts
The day is long, the summer sun shines bright, and a breeze so light that it manages a flicker of your blouse without a hassle. A pair of comfortable, wrinkle-free shorts with a cotton or linen blouse would be a smart ensemble to spend the day in.

2. Flowy dresses
Tribal, floral, polka dots, or plain pastels are certainly pretty against the Mediterranean scenery!

3. Jumpsuit
An evening jumpsuit with a flawless fit and sun-kissed skin is perfect for an outdoor candle-lit dinner.

4. Cotton tunic
The one thing you should never be without. Light on the skin, easy to wear, and available almost everywhere, a flattering tunic will save you the time and effort of a full change right after the beach. It always feels better staying in your swimsuit for a little longer!

5. Sandals
My preference for footwear has definitely helped me pack lighter, and pack less! Add to that, sandals can be worn almost all the time, and so make sure you have a comfortable pair with you. Don’t forget to make room for summer bargain buys!

6. Wide-leg pants
After a day in flats, wide-legged pants are supremely elegant, and undeniably well-suited for an evening out.

7. Wide-brims and fedoras
If summer had a “bat-signal”, this would be it. A flattering addition, nothing says summer like a hat to complete your under-the-sun ensemble.

Let the fun in the sun begin!

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