You’re engaged and now it’s time to party! Seriously, there are several parties you will attend before and after your wedding in addition to the wedding. The following parties are designed to spend quality time with your friends and family before and after your wedding. I included different ideas from the traditional showers and parties.


  1. Engagement Party. Usually given by the parents or couple, at home or restaurant, to celebrate the couple’s upcoming nuptials. A new twist could be throwing a themed party and have your guests dress accordingly. A theme could be the 70’s or just dressing in costume.
  2. Bridal Shower.  The shower is usually given by the mother of the bride, the mother-in-law to be or maid of honor, in the home of the host. Instead of the usual games, food and gifts, consider having the shower somewhere relaxing such as a spa. You can have lunch afterwards at your favorite restaurant.
  3.  Bachelor Party. Usually the bachelor party consists of club hopping and a lot of drinking with your friends. If the club thing is not your thing, rent a nice hotel suite and make it a slumber party; you can party in your room and not worry about driving home.
  4. Bachelor Party. When you think of bachelor parties, drinking and strippers probably come to mind. If you don’t want to worry about upsetting your bride, consider going to a sporting event with the guys and possibly renting a suite. Another option would be a day of golf or barbecuing at the house.
  5. Couple’s Party. If you both don’t want a bachelor or bachelor party, host a couple’s party. Invite your friends over for a cook-out, a group outing to a sports event or to an amusement park. If you want something more adventurous, consider a paintball party.
  6. Rehearsal Dinner. The rehearsal dinner is usually held immediately after the wedding rehearsal the night before the wedding. This is a low key affair to feed the members of the wedding party, including the parents of the couple. An alternative can be having a pre-rehearsal brunch or lunch so you won’t have to worry about hungry and cranky party members.
  7. Post-wedding Party. Sometimes due to a tight budget or location, a couple cannot invite all of their friends and family to their wedding. If that is the case, you can still celebrate with them with a post-wedding party. This can be a casual affair held at your house or park if the weather permits.


Hopefully the above ideas will help you when planning your events with your loved ones. You don’t have to have all of the parties, you can pick and choose the ones that appeal to you and your future spouse. Just remember to have fun and keep your stress level down as much as possible.