7 Simple things you can do to save the Earth

1. Unplug any appliances you’re not using

It sounds very simple but its something we all forget to do. Some appliances, with their timers and start-up features, are constantly consuming small amounts of electricity when they’re left plugged into the wall.

2. Separate your garbage

Recycling is such an odd thing in the Middle East, especially in Egypt. But something as simple as having separate trash bins for your plastics, glass and regular waste will make the trash mans job much easier and save energy like you wouldn’t imagine

3. Shop with reusable grocery bags

In Europe and the U.S. when you go to the supermarket you’re often charged for each shopping bag you fill, so as economically consciousness beings people bring their own reusable bags. There you are saving money, trees and plastic waste.

4. Change your light bulbs

If every household in the United States replaced one regular light bulb with fluorescent bulbs, the pollution reduction would be equivalent to removing one million cars from the road.

5. Plant a tree

Trees are good for the air, the land, they can shade your house and save on cooling (if you plant on the west side of your home) and they can also improve the value of your property.

6. Take a shorter shower

Every two minutes you save on your shower can conserve more than ten gallons of water.

7. Fly with an E-Ticket

Save a tree and use an E-Ticket. For all you jet setters out there, the cost of processing a paper ticket is approximately $10, while processing an e-ticket costs only $1. In the near future, e-tickets will be the only option, saving the airline industry $3 billion a year (and saving many trees in the process).

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