Every mother is waiting for the day, when she stops changing diapers for her baby. Using the potty is considered a turning point in your child’s life – as well as yours- since it indicates a positive sign for the growth of your child. Therefore, here are some steps that will help you train your child to use the potty.

1- Assess the readiness of your child:

Most children begin their training between 18 months and 3 years. However, do not try to force your child to use the potty unless you feel that he is psychologically ready for it. You will notice that would help initiate the training such as: to stay dry for at least hours and the ability to absorb and follow the simple instructions.

2- Buy the necessary equipment

You can buy a potty for your child or buy a small seat that can be placed on the toilet but, make sure it is comfortable for your child and that he feels safe and stable sitting on it

3- Routine

Make your child sit on the potty once a day. For example, early in the morning after waking up, or after receiving his breakfast or any time convenient for him. This method will help your child get used to the potty and it will be a basic part of his daily routine.
4- Work on Independence

Encourage your child to use the potty whenever he wanted. And make sure he can communicate with you at that point and tell you if he wants to use it. Try and let him roam in place without the use of diapers with a potty near him and ask him every now and then if he wants to use it.

5- Make Trials

You can use some pants on a trial basis and they are usually favored by children. However, some think that the use of these kinds of Shorts may hinder the process of being independent.

6- Obstacles:

Your child will take some time before he can be trained to use the potty. So, you have to be calm and patient as your child might be exposed to some accidents. Clean up the place and guide your child to use the potty in a correct way.
7- Night training on using the potty:

Even if your child is accustomed to use the potty, it will take him some time to be able to use it at night. So, you can help your child and that’s by asking him not to drink water before going to sleep and that comes and wakes you up at night if he wanted to urinate. Also, you can put the potty next to his bed in case wanted to use it at the night.

Last but not least, don’t start training your child to use the potty in difficult times to the family such as moving to another house or while delivering another child. Also, do not try to punish him or force him to use it. Just try to support him and be patience.

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