Fighting anxiety abroad can be difficult, but with these tips traveling will be much easier. The next time you will be in a foreign country and feel that scared and anxious feeling in your stomach, use these tips for fighting anxiety abroad.
Tips for Dealing with Anxiety Abroad

1. Think positively

The power of positive thinking is very huge, and maybe you don’t believe, but it really works. Positive thinking is ideal for those situations when something has gone wrong, and you start worrying about having to do it again. You know your subconscious believes whatever you tell it. If you tell it you can’t travel by plane, you can’t do this. And if you tell it you can travel by plane, you will do it. Think positively and you will feel the anxiety just disappeared.

2. Breathe

Although it sounds very simple, taking control of your breathing can ease anxiety. Concentrating on your breathing will help you to deal with anxiety, as it breaks the panic feeling and slows the heart rate so you will feel better. When you get that feeling, engage your breathing. This is one of the most effective ways to deal with anxiety abroad.

3. Talk to friend

If you worry about something, why not call a friend? If you worry about the cost of calling from abroad, Skype is a cheaper alternative. Your friend will help you to calm down. I often call my partner, he makes me feel less alone. You can also call your mother, sister, brother, etc.

4. Visualize

Like depression, anxiety can be caused by a great variety of different factors, from everyday events to traumatic ones such as plane crashes. When you feel your worries, just imagine that they fly in the air, like a butterfly and you watch them fly past. Acknowledge your worries, but don’t let them take hold. And the nature link can work great. Maybe it sounds crazy, but trust me it really works.

5. Create a safe zone

Go to the place that makes you feel happy and safe. Having a safe zone is beneficial when dealing with anxiety. It might be a coffee shop you are familiar with, a local group, or the tourist information center. Be sure you have got somewhere, where you will feel much better.

6. Relax

Being abroad is very different to what you’re used to, and it can be difficult to shake the feeling of stress or worry. You should try to relax a little. Meditate or do yoga. Opt for a massage, aromatherapy, scented candles, hypnotherapy, and anything that may work for you. I always carry rescue lozenges in my handbag, just in case. Relaxation can help you to deal with the cause of your worry and anxiety.

7. Go to a doctor

If you can’t deal with anxiety, try looking for medical attention. Head to the hospital and if you don’t know language ask for a translator, so that you can understand what the doctor is telling you. You might get some medications, but you should know that different countries treat conditions in a different way, so it might not be what you expect.

With these tips you can travel the world and forget about anxiety! Do you have any other tips? Share your thoughts, please!

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