If you tend to be skeptical of recipes for home-baked simple beauty merchandise, you've got our word: These tutorials get results, and higher yet—they're simple (and simple on the wallet).

A Hair Mask for shiny Locks

The Kardashians have hairstylists to form their strands oh-so-shiny, however you may simply have to be compelled to enlist the assistance of the omega-packed avocado (which we're pretty positive is hella cheaper, to boot). The results? Dazzling. (And soft. So, so soft.)

A Luxe-Looking (and Smelling) Solid fragrance

These very little trinkets look as pretty as they smell, because of a rigorously crafted mix of essential oils and thrifted vintage lockets to deal with them. (And, somewhat deceivingly, they seem to be a total snap to form.) Hoard them in your purse for the moments once you may use a trifle fragrance pick-me-up.

A Cellulite-Blasting occasional Scrub

We were wholly skeptical that grounds, of all things, may do variety on those stubborn dimples. however a daily program of this straightforward scrub wholly well-tried USA wrong—and higher nonetheless, it value USA but $5. (Expensive treatments be damned, right?)

A Cannabis-Infused Facial

Who knew? It seems THC—the main psychotropic ingredient in marijuana—is associate degree inhibitor. And whereas this facial is completely legal, it gave our complexion one hell of a contact high: A dance orchestra of hemp oil (which boasts trace amounts of consciousness-altering drug additionally as omegas), avocado, and patchouli (natch) left our skin soft and supple for days.

A Sunburn-Soothing succulent Spray

Whether you are running off on a tropical winter vacay (lucky you) or you are at risk of lobster-level burns return summer, spray the sting away with the assistance of all-natural succulent, peppermint, and coconut and E oils. (But remember to spread on it emollient before you are feeling the burn!)

Sea Salt Spray for beachy Waves

Why expect precious beach time once you will have mermaid-quality locks all year long? Our special concoction leaves strands soft, not crunchy—and it smells thus sensible.

Candy-Colored Locks With None of the Commitment

The pastel-hued hair craze shows no signs of tired, thus why not attempt it on for size? the wonder of this genius home-baked hair chalk tutorial is that it's simply temporary enough—it'll solely last you a number of shampoos, however it additionally will not flake in an exceedingly matter of hours.

All-Natural Makeup Remover Pads to (Gently) withdraw the Day

If you, like us, square measure guilty of not laundry your face nightly as a result of a difficult schedule (or sheer laziness), we have you covered: These makeup-removing pads square measure mild and eco-friendly, sure, however they additionally get the work done.