Today we will learn 9 easy steps to start a couple training - your chance to attach to another gym and spend time not only good, but also with pleasure.
Over and over again to do alone the same ups and twisting - employment of little interest. The same hour allotted for training can be carried out much more fun if you go on a date or hang out with friends. But the guys training will solve these problems. Firstly, a company you do not get bored. "And secondly, can slightly change the usual exercises, which will change due to the load on the muscles, and the habit they will have to work harder - says the instructor channel" Live! "On boditoniku Alexander Mironenko. In doubles, push-ups, for example, there is an element of instability, because the person can not keep your hands as tough as a bench or the floor, and therefore will have to work the deep muscles of the body. Or take the extension of the hands of the head. The well-known exercise for the triceps, which is usually performed with a dumbbell. You raise the dumbbell - muscles tense, omit - actually resting. Another thing, when you train with a partner, he will have a constant resistance, will not give you not only easy to raise their hands, but without voltage dip them, and as a result you are better than them again pumped ". Partner and appliances will see, and correctly perform the exercise will help, say, fixing your feet when you're doing the twist.
As you can see, the benefits from such training abound, it remains to choose a sparring partner. Ideally, it should be very close to you. For weight, height and level of physical fitness. It is clear that you have chosen your favorite girlfriends and by other parameters. So if you need some exercise should correct it. Fulfilling our set of exercises, try the following.
1. If a partner is much higher than you (more than 10 cm):
- Ask him to have a chair when he will perform extension arms because of the head and hands with resistance breeding;
- Stand on a stable bench or sofa when you do push-ups paired.

2. If a partner is much heavier than you (over 10 kg):
- In push-ups, too, stand taller. Thus you are a little "balance": it will be a little harder to push upwards and you just top down - it is easier;
- Reverse push-ups just do the chorus from the sofa or bench;
- Do not try to pull a partner in the lateral twisting, just fix his legs.
3. If your partner is much stronger than you physically:
- Look for a compromise. To begin perform many repetitions as you are able to do both, but eventually try to catch up to the strongest;
- Strive to perform a set of exercises three times with an interval of about one minute between sets.
1. Squats in pairs


Working muscles: legs, the muscles of the core.
Original position. Stand in front of each other, hold hands, put a foot shoulder width apart.
Execution. On the inhale, hold each other's hands, sit down, bending your knees to a 90 degree angle. On the exhale, return to the starting position. Repeat 20 times.
2. Reverence with a move to the side in a pair


Working muscles: legs, outer thighs, the muscles of the core.
Original position. Stand facing each other and join hands.
Execution. Inspiratory do skrestnye lunge step back left leg. On the exhale, unbending support his right leg at the knee, do swing in the direction of the left foot. Repeat 20 times and do the exercise with the other leg.

3. Push-ups with a focus in the palm of your hand


Working muscles: chest, triceps, the muscles of the core.
Original position. Facing each other, straighten your arms and join hands.
Execution. On the inhale, bend your elbows, doing push-ups, as you exhale, return to the starting position. Repeat 20 times.
4. Reverse push-ups


Working muscles: triceps, leg muscles.
Original position. One partner is in a position crouch, his hands on the second leg to perform reverse push-ups.
Execution. The first partner to inhale bend your elbows, as you exhale return to its original position. The second partner statically holding crouch position. Make 20 times and swapped places with a partner.
5. Breeding hand standing with resistance


Muscles work: Delta, back muscles.
Original position. One partner stands behind the other. The one who stands in front, arms down along the hips down, the second puts his hands on the wrists first.
Execution. Raise and lower your straight arm to the sides with the resistance partner. Make 20 times and swapped places with a partner.

6. The extension of the hands behind the head with the resistance


Working muscles: triceps.
Original position. The first partner is sitting on a chair (or standing), hands raised up, thumbs hooked into the lock. The second stands behind and puts his hands on his hands first.
Execution. Bend and unbend the hands of the resistance of the second partner. Make 20 times and swapped.

7. Twisting on the abdominal muscles with fixing feet


Working muscles: the abdomen.
Original position. Both partners lie on your back with knees bent legs. Connect the legs so to fix the position of each other. Remove hands behind his head.
Execution. At the same time on the exhale breath rise and go down, straining the muscles of the abdomen. Do 20 times.

8. The lateral twisting latching legs and support


Working muscles: obliques.
Original position. The first partner is lying on its side with your knees bent. One hand behind his head, the other holding the other partner.
Execution. Raise and lower the shoulders, straining obliques. A partner who keeps you legs, pulls your hand, helping to rise above. Do 20 repetitions on each side and reversed.

9. Trainers with fixing feet


Working muscles: a group of the extensor muscles of the spine (back).
Original position. The first partner is lying on his stomach, hands behind head, feet together. Second locking legs.
Execution. On the exhale, lift the body up, straining back muscles, while inhaling, return to the starting position. Make 20 times and swapped.

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