The world is an amazing place. When you look around at the various countries, you will already be surprised – good and bad – at the things that you already know. There is a lot that you probably don’t quite know yet, though, and here are some of the amazing facts surrounding the world.

The World Executions

Starting on a bad note, the top five countries for executions in the world are China, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the United States (yes, really!).

China is at the top but the exact number of executions is unknown. The government like to keep it a secret so only publish some of the figures.

For ranking purposes, news from the media and education is used to determine a closer figure to the truth.



The Earth

The planet is actually nine times brighter than the other planets due to the way the sun reflects from the water.

Around the world, on a daily basis, 400 billion gallons is used. 97% of the world’s water is salted and2% frozen!

The Population Of The World

60% of the world’s population is in Asia, with China the most densely populated country. This is all despite the continent taking up 30% of the earth!

The population troubles in China led to a one baby rule, which has led to a number of baby girls either being aborted, killed after birth or abandoned in the streets.



Arctic And Antarctica

The word Arctic is derived from the Greek for country of the bear “Arktikos”.

This isn’t because bears were found on the land though – the Greeks named it after the Ursus Major constallation “The Great Bear”.

When no bears were found on the South Pole, it was given the name Antarctica.

Natural Disasters

The worst ever earthquake recorded was in China in 1557, where 830,000 people were killed.

Due to various natural disasters, including hurricanes and erosion, along with human elements, 30 square miles of Louisiana’s coastline is lost every year.

There are 540 volcanoes on the earth’s land but there are plenty more under the seas.



The Seasons

The seasons occur because of the angle of the Earth, which is at 23.5 degrees.

If that changed just slightly, it would completely change the seasons as we know them.

The Gravity Of Other Planets Vs. Earth

Mars’ gravity is 38% of the Earth’s. While this is enough to live on, someone who weight 100lbs on Earth would only weight 38lb on Mars.

Scientists and astronauts are looking to create the ability to live on Mars as the commodities on Earth are used.



Positioning In The Solar System

Despite being the second from the sun, Venus is actually the hottest planet, helping it to shine bright in the night’s sky.

The surface temperature is estimated to be 462 degrees Celsius.


Poisonous Animals

The most poisonous animal is the daddy long legs. However, they cannot bite and inject that poison into humans so are nothing to worry about when around the house.

Those in the US that can bite don’t have a high enough concentration of venom to kill humans.

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