Angelina Jolie is perfect and it is hard to believe, but even she has beauty secrets! She is one of the most beautiful people in the world. 

Beauty Secrets1

First what you will notice, she has flawless skin. Angelina believes that skin should remain natural always. She says that a woman’s unique feature is what is most important about them. Angelina avoids using any harsh soap on her skin. It's a must to apply sun block before going out though. Jolie also believes in moisturizing her body frequently. Everybody’s body is a temple, the best of treatment must be given to your body.

Her second priority is of course hair. Your hair is what defines you. Your hair makes your day. A good set of hair attracts the maximum attention. For a person like Hollywood star hair products are never scarce but she doesn't believe in using extensive hair products. Just shampoo, conditioner and the occasional hair spa is all that she needs to adorn the natural yet beautiful hair do that Angelina has. She has a strict policy of no-makeup, except for a few times on screen Anjelina has chosen not to use makeup in her daily lifestyle. Your natural features are what are most important about you she says. And it's true even without makeup Angelina is a dazzling figure for everyone around the world.

To have ideal body this diva does yoga. Everyday in the morning before breakfast she makes it necessary that she first does at least 30 minute of yoga before going on with her daily schedule. Angelina takes the time out to attend kickboxing classes too. This keeps her fit and also teaches her self defense. The main secret is Angelina Jolie’s attractive hips. Many girls around the world yearn to have such hips. The secret is revealed!! Her main regime for those hips is the twisted lunge exercise.

She says that water is the main nourishment for a human body. If a person does not drink water they will never be able to maintain a clear and radiant body. At least 3 litres of water must be drunk In the day to cleanse the body completely. Angelina also believes in keeping the lip and eye color in contrast with one another. Many people mess up when it comes to complementing their lip and eye color effectively. The main secret is not to use any lip color that is too dark. Use a light color so that it can bring attention to your eyes. Jolie is a great fan of light lip color and smoky eyes.

The last but not the least secret to Jolie’s natural looks is her carbohydrate free protein diet. Salads, fruits and a regular balanced diet with meat vegetables is a must. Fast foods are a no no when it comes to her. This regime along with lots of water helps her retain a high energy level at all times helping her cope with her work in an efficient and capable manner.