Balancing your mind and body is a challenge in today's 24/7 "go, go, go" society. Most of us tend to overdo it in some way... we devote too many hours to our work, or leave no time for exercise, or focus so much on our relationships that we neglect to take care of ourselves.

If that sounds familiar, take a minute (or two!) to learn from the planets how to achieve balance in our unbalanced world. 

Feel more grounded by using the power of the Earth 

How often do you take time just to walk slowly on the grass, breathing in the fresh air? Focus on each step, each blade of grass, each breath that you take in and out. By literally "feeling" the Earth and the life it supports, you can help to rebalance your body and mind. This type of exercise, repeated at least once every week, can help you feel less frantic about your life. It's that simple but true cliché: stop and smell the roses. 

Tap into your inner creativity and power by playing with Pluto

Do you sometimes feel threatened or intimidated by others, fretting that they have the upper hand in your relationship, whether it is work or personal? Let the energy of playful planet Pluto guide you into thinking more creatively about how to - literally - recreate your perception of the importance and role of power in your life. Are you having any fun? You should be! 

Let go of letting your emotions rule your life by seeking Mercury

Famed for his exceptional intelligence, Mercury can help you think through situations objectively and wisely. This planet is ideal for those who tend to play the "drama queen" roles in their relationships and let their hearts rule their minds too much. Take a step back and don't jump to impulsive or overly defensive conclusions. 

Find the strength to take time for fitness by communing with Mars

Mars, the God of War, can help you develop the mental and physical strength that you need to carve out time for exercise in even the busiest schedule! Go to bed earlier, set out your gym attire or walking shoes by your bed, then set your alarm to go off an hour earlier. Then as soon as the alarm goes off, get up, get dressed, and head straight for that workout. Harness the strength of Mars and make fitness a reality in your life. 

Renew your romance and zest for life with Venus

The virtues of Venus and her charm can invigorate you if you want to regain your enthusiasm for your relationships, in particular your love life. Venus may guide you to letting go of that constant focus on work, and rebalance your life for the better. This planet also can help you if you're looking for love in all the wrong places (use the Laundromat to clean your clothes, not to find Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect!). 

Learn to be more positive through Jupiter

Do you tend to imagine the worst case scenario in everything, hesitant to feel optimistic because you might "jinx" something? If you need help looking on the bright side of life, Jupiter may offer you guidance in looking at the best possibilities. Take time to appreciate those beautiful little things in your daily life. By focusing on life's small gifts, you will experience more joy. 

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