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Once you hop on the hair coloring train, it’s hard to get off. Besides choosing which color to opt for next, the only issue with changing your hair color is getting it to stay that way. Whether your bleach turns brassy or your dark dye starts fading, learning how to make your hair color last longer is something every color-addicted girl needs to know. To help with this issue, we got celebrity hairstylist Michael Dueñas’ take below.

Q: How can I make my hair color last even longer

A: “You can make your hair color last longer by waiting about 48 hours from when you first color it to wash it. You want to let the color molecules fully oxidize (develop) and let your cuticle completely shut. Also, not washing it as often will make a dramatic difference. When you are on vacation or know you will be in the sun, mist a light amount of sunscreen on your hair. This will protect the color molecules from fading in the sun’s harmful rays. To help add sheen to your hair when it has lost color, try Schwarzkopf Professionals color mousses. They are fantastic conditioning mousses with color pigment to make your hair look like it has not faded for one day!” —  Michael Deuñas, Celebrity Hairstylist and CEO of Hair Room Service, an in-room salon appointment service that delivers top celebrity stylists and services to your door. 

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