Even the most inveterate optimist fits of bad mood.

This is especially true in the autumn and winter: a light day becomes much shorter than in summer; lack of sunlight and heat, lack of vitamins - all this affects the mood. And in the rest of the year enough reasons for the blues. However, this does not mean you have to live with a depressed mood: if we know how to cheer yourself up quickly, all year round will be on the emotional lift.

Psychologists in the arsenal there are many recipes as to cope with the blues, loss of strength and a bad mood. These tips will help you quickly turn your mood into the mainstream of optimism, joy and cheerfulness.

The first and most important piece of advice - this is not to succumb to bad mood and try to pick it up quickly. Some people falling into depression, begin to drift of his fortune. To do this, you should not, because nature particularly vulnerable and delicate so can bring themselves up to depression. So as soon as you feel that the mark of good mood starts to fall down, to take urgent measures to improve the "indicator"!

Then you can act according to his temperament, interests and way of life. Fortunately, the choice of possible methods for mood elevation there for every taste. Let's look at the most common options that apply to most people perfectly. All methods can be divided into groups: active and passive (depending on what they require energy input), and others. A wide variety of methods you can select the one that is most comfortable and acceptable to you.

Active methods of improving your mood

Generally, these methods require sufficient energy costs. Suitable for people by nature active, energetic, extrovert who do not tolerate bad mood and not be discouraged. They are ideal for the following techniques:

Begin to act proactively
Do not need to indulge in melancholy, wrapped in a blanket and sitting in a chair. On the contrary, shake, go outdoors. You can just take a walk in the park, and you can work out or just do exercises outdoors. For example, just a great remedy for the blues - biking or rollerblading, jogging, swimming pool, skating rink. In winter, when it snowed, you can play snowballs - this game is charging a positive adults more than children. Believe me, your spleen depart so quickly that you will not even notice! The main thing in this case - to get out of the house. If you are determined to put an end to his bad mood, of course, will not seek excuses to stay home.

Make cleaning
If you still categorically, under any pretext not want to leave the house, you can send proactive in another direction: to do the cleaning. Psychologists believe that often on a subconscious level, it pushes us to the mess in our home (whether it's obvious confusion or chaos in the closet, which only you know). If your home is far from ideal in terms of cleanliness, feel free to get to work. Most likely, you will be hard at first, you will force yourself to, finally, you will feel that this cleaning will never end, and you'll regret that started it. But as your home starts to become clean and comfortable, you will notice how your mood dramatically go up the hill. The benefit of this method for dealing with a bad mood is twofold: on the one hand, you get rid of pessimism, but on the other - you get a clean house, which is very comfortable.

Women techniques enhance the mood

These usually include therapy gastronomic delicacies and native female things: shopping, gatherings with her friends, change of image and so on. D.

Snacks - on bad mood
Of course, this is perhaps one of the most popular methods of women struggle with a bad mood: eating vkusnyashek. If you are a supporter of this method and the extra weight - not your problem, feel free to proceed with the takeover of chocolate, sweets, cakes. But if you think that the sweet is harmful, or for any other reasons, do not eat it, you will come to the aid of bananas: they are not only perfectly relieve depression, but also very useful. It should be noted that alcohol - not the best friend of women in the fight against the blues.

Sitting with a friend
That was not painfully ashamed to absorb cakes alone, invite a friend. Gossip, talk on the souls sitting in the kitchen or in the cozy coffee shop. Make spite of his mood: throw off the robe, put on something beautiful (no one talks about the evening gown at home - is fine or beautiful homemade costume, either a simple cut dress), make light make-up - for women it is a good weapon against bad mood.

Do what you love
You love theater, but you have so much trouble that it constantly do not have time? Set aside all his work - they will always be enough - and go to the theater. Or in a museum, gallery, cinema, circus, or simply flip through the home directory with your favorite picture - it does not matter. The main thing that you have spent time where long wanted to visit.

Blast off!
Do you think that you do not have a hearing or voice? Then go to karaoke or take a comb and sing "in her" home! are you sure do not know how to dance? So do it! No matter - at home or in a club, but do. Jump, podurachtes, laugh at the same time - perhaps this method will suit you best. Do whatever you want - even cry (unless, of course, not overnight). Good help relieve stress throwing pillows, kicking sofa or chair (do not hurt the foot), "boksirovanie" in the void - all these powerful psychological techniques that will help to set the mood.

You can browse the shops themselves or with a friend. Women are always uplifting. you can enjoy this shopping, ie shopping, and you can just walk by department, the collections. Perhaps it is today, you will find the dress of your dreams, is looking for the last six months.

Look after themselves
Do you ever do not have time for yourself? Then go to the salon: refresh haircut, a manicure (and do not forget to choose a bright nail polish), go to a professional beautician. If there is no financial ability to visit a beautician, do yourself a home facial, apply the mask, make a wrap or body scrub. Care is always uplifting to any woman.

But teach that in a depressed state of the radical changes in the image should refrain: Of course, if you love nature and risky changes, then forward. But if you tend to make decisions impulsively, and then tend to feel sorry for them, it is better not cut her long hair up haircut "a boy", otherwise a new wave of sadness you just can not avoid. If you have long dreamed of such a haircut, but did not dare to take this step, who knows, perhaps it is today and it is time to make the dream a reality?

change image
Want to quickly raise your mood? Try a new image! Bright dress or high-heeled shoes - ideal as an unsuccessful experiment, all easy to return to normal. you can not only play with the color of the clothes, but also with Style: used to wearing jeans and sneakers - take out of the closet feminine dress; accustomed to a business suit - select the contrary, in the marked clothing style casual. If you use makeup only on holidays, apply make-up right now, even if you are sitting at home. Make spite of his habitual way!

Passive methods of improving your mood: relaxation

These methods aim at the relaxation of the body. They work perfectly calm people, energetically passive, introverted. In addition, these methods are effective, if a bad mood - a consequence of chronic fatigue, which in modern humans is often the norm.

surrender dreams
If you have a calm temperament and you really "treat native walls," then stay home. Would be great if you're home alone. If not, you can be alone in the room. Create a cozy atmosphere for yourself: light the candles or aroma lamp with relaxing essential oils; turn quietly to your favorite music, sit back and just think, to dream. Do not be afraid to dream - because dreams come true sooner or later. You can read affirmations: "I have a good mood," "I am happy," "I am happy." It is important that you honestly believed it and said knowingly, with feeling.

Some women helps warm bath. Just not the usual, but with sea salt, foam, essential oils. Also, do not forget to light the candles and turn off the electric light. Lie down with your eyes closed, inhale the aroma of essential oils. The effect will be stronger if you take a bath is not the usual time for yourself - then this procedure will seem even more mysterious and magical.

Psychological techniques emergency itself

There are also techniques that help everyone, regardless of psychological and personality characteristics. Some of these techniques are quite complex to implement in psychological terms, however, they are very effective.

Keep your posture and laugh
Another simple method that quickly elevates mood and requires neither time nor money nor power. He is what you need to stand up straight, straighten your back, like you're in a corset. Then raise your head high and wide smile. All of them! Only sincere smile, of course. Can do it in front of a mirror.

You can just stand in front of a mirror and smile at her reflection. For most people, it causes a lot of emotions: someone feels like a complete fool, someone starts to cry. First, your smile will be more than modest, but your task - to make it wider and wider, and then began to laugh. The main thing - do not stop and laugh heartily. For no reason. Just like that. It is a powerful emotional release.

Complete unfinished business
It is unlikely that this method can be called pleasant, but if deep down you know that the reason for a bad mood it is unfinished business that hangs on your soul stone, then you may try to take in order to lighten the mood, you will only one thing - to finish it business. Therefore, get yourself together and bring this matter to an end. Can give yourself installation, when you do it, you go to a movie or buy yourself some new clothes, or in spite of the diet, eat cake. So it will be easier to set up and run this business.

Vitamins for seasonal depression

The decline of mood in people often occurs in the autumn-winter period. Therefore, we must have in stock a few ways: in your diet should be as many fruits, vegetables (especially citrus fruits are good and sauerkraut), also drink fruit drinks and tea with fresh berries (cranberries perfect), propyl complex vitamins. And do not forget that in the room have to be light (best suited fluorescent lamps), more to be outdoors.

Another good thing to decorate your home for the winter, good, we have such a wonderful holiday like New Year: decorate apartment rain, put a Christmas tree in the window snowflakes stick - in stores now such a huge selection of tinsel, which will enliven any room and cheer up.