Back to School Girls’ Fashion Tips

We are officially back to school; It’s September already. This sounds super exciting: new classes, new friends and above all new fashion trends. Assembling a back to school wardrobe can be tricky; you need something comfortable and trendy without being sloppy, fussy or outdated. Here are your must have pieces that will make you feel comfortable, chic and happy.

Plaid Shirt

Pair it with your skinny jeans to get the youthful trending grunge clean look.


A sweater with a cute print paired with a pair of leggings will be beautiful for chilly days.


Denim is having a strong come back it was in almost all designers Cruise Collections 2014. For a girly look pair an old navy denim shirt with a floral flared knee high skirt.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are basics. Nothing would be more appropriate for school as a good pair of jeans.

Coated skinnies

They are metallic/ coated leggings; a perfect alternative to leather pants. They are chic classy and so in this fall. Wear it with flats and a long sleeve flowy shirt for an impeccable morning look.

Printed skirt

A floral printed skirt would work as beautiful transitional peace: you can wear it with a denim jacket and a white top giving an exquisite autumn look.


Loafers and ballerinas are girls’ best friends. With the right print it makes a statement without losing comfort.


They are casual and practical, they are my favourite especially when they come in catchy prints like leopard or zebra.

Ankle Boots

They are a must must have for this season and luckily they are perfect with their low heels. You can tour the whole campus in these lovely boots.

Geek Chic

Your phone, your laptop and your tablet need to be dressed with your favourite printed cases. This would be the perfect accessory for your impeccable look.

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