Sleepless nights? Unproductive days? Before you lose it, learn how to get the sleep you need. 

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get a good night's sleep. It helps you be your best all day long, it lightens your spirit, and it even improves your appearance. While it sounds simple, sometimes it's very, very hard. 

Consistency and a bedtime routine can make it easier to sleep well, but that's more of a challenge for some Sun Signs than for others. Also, if you know which Zodiac Sign is on the cusp of your Twelfth House (the house of sleep and dreams), you could further placate any irritated sleep spirits. 

Read through these twelve suggestions. If one resonates with you, try it no matter the sign. You have all twelve signs somewhere in your natal horoscope. Goodbye, insomnia and welcome, sweet dreams! 

Aries: Just 15 minutes of modest exercise regulates your schedule, diet, and sleep. Don't exercise too near bedtime, though. A short walk will do it. Enjoy, and sleep soundly. 

Taurus: Aromatherapy takes the edge off an otherwise jagged day. Anything mild and floral is good, such as lavender or your personal favorite. Whether it's candles or toiletries, keep it simple and not too sweet. Breathe deeply, smile, and sleep. 

Gemini: Check your e-mail, make that final phone call (avoid stressful subjects and go for light, humorous, staying-in-touch stuff), and retire for the night happily connected. Rest easy for more fun tomorrow. 

Cancer: The wedding is just one day for the Hot tub! Relax those knotted muscles, and don't forget to relax your brain, if you tend to rehash an annoying day. A warm bath or steamy shower works, too. Remember to slather on the lotion afterward. 

Leo: Have some tea in a favorite cup, with or without the fancy saucer. Herbal tea is good, especially chamomile, but more hardcore Leos can handle even black tea. It isn't the caffeine keeping you up, anyway. 

Virgo: Enough boredom to numb a busy mind can affect even Virgo. You can count things besides sheep! Equally silly and relaxing, indulge in a new super-comfy bathrobe or pair of slippers that spells "bedtime" when you wear it. 

Libra: Music soothes the heart and mind. Classical and instrumental - slow, possibly repetitive, maybe romantic would be good, but perhaps your tastes are more modern. You know what you love. Save the frenetic music and sing-a-long lyrics for another time. 

Scorpio: Be physically comfortable before going to bed. Don't neglect yourself. And don't worry and imagine frightening health problems, because Scorpios will. Sleep on smooth, clean sheets. Be good to yourself, relax, and dream happily. 

Sagittarius: A small nightcap, a hot toddy, or just a glass of wine - not too much - gives a mellow ending to the craziest day. Indulge a bit in calming elegance and your Sagittarius heart can be warmed, comforted, and slowed down to sleepy time. 

Capricorn: You don't have to do everything in one day. Declare this day over and don't look back. Write up tomorrow's to-do list, feel good about today, and then release it all and go to bed. Tomorrow is another day. 

Aquarius: Write in your journal at the end of the day, then close the notebook. Try ambient music. Or throw one final I Ching, do a quick final Tarot reading (with cards or online), and take a magical message into dreamtime. 

Pisces: Meditate and quiet the mind. Some say don't meditate at bedtime because it trains you to fall asleep when you meditate, but not everyone is convinced. Or you can lie quietly and imagine ocean waves gently breaking on the beach. The ocean may be the great unconscious mind of the world. 

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