Beijing is definitely one of the most visited cities in the world. Every year, millions of tourists flock to Beijing to see the capital of China, composed of a mixture of old and new. In fact, hundreds of tourist scenic spots and historic attractions await you in Beijing. However, if you visit the proposed site, then you can safely say that you visited Beijing
1. Forbidden City (Forbidden City)
For many, many people, Beijing - the ancient capital of the east. The Forbidden City is the best place to start your tour in Beijing. It consists of 9,000 buildings located on an area of 1000 sq km, the largest palace complex was built between 1406 and 1420, but was burnt down, rebuilt and repaired countless times.
Wear comfortable shoes, as you have to walk a lot! It is highly recommended to go with a guide. This is really useful, because He can tell you about an important historical part of the city.
Once you visit the Imperial Palace and the exit gate of the Divine Prowess (Gate of Divine Prowess), you can enter the park, climb a bit and enjoy the panoramic views of the Imperial Palace.
2. Tiananmen Square (Tiananmen Square)
What is the symbol of Beijing? There are different answers. But Tiananmen Square is definitely on the top of the list. Located in the heart of Beijing, this is the place for massive parades and rallies, this is the largest area of its kind in the world.
To the east of Tiananmen Square is the National Museum of China. In the south is Monument to the People's Heroes and Chairman Mao's Mausoleum.
At sunrise and sunset ceremony held lifting and lowering of the Chinese national flag, it is worth seeing.
3. Temple of Heaven (Temple of Heaven)
Temple of Heaven - a real highlight of Beijing. It is located in the southern part of Beijing, and was one of the holiest places in the country for over 500 years. It is used as a sacrificial complex of buildings for the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties.
If you go to the Temple of Heaven in the early morning, you can see groups of people practicing variety of kung fu and Tai Chi. You can also practice with them, if you want it.
What makes the temple unique is the centuries-old trees - Chinese cypress and juniper. Some of cypress trees more than 600 years.
4. Summer Palace (Summer Palace)
It is the largest imperial garden in China, it is located in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing and covers an area of 26 square meters. km.
He is a favorite destination for tourists, who can relax and take a walk along the ancient pavilions, mansions, temples, bridges and around the huge lake.
5. Tomb of the Ming Dynasty (Imperial Tombs of the Ming Dynasty)
This place is amazing for many reasons. Firstly, is outside of Beijing, so you have a chance to see a bit of the countryside. Second, it is relatively close to the Great Wall of China, so you can visit both places in one day. Third, the tomb is gorgeous. This place is known as "13 tombs" are buried 13 of 17 emperors of the Ming Dynasty. Only two tombs are open to the public.
6. The Great Wall of China (Great Wall)
The length of the wall with all the branches is 8000 851 kilometer and 800 meters. It is divided into eight areas, one of which passes in the vicinity of Beijing.
Most sections of the Great Wall in Beijing are well preserved since the time of the Ming Dynasty, the era of huge construction.
7. hutongs (Hutongs)
Narrow, winding streets show "real life" in Beijing, where passages fit close to the courtyards of traditional compact homes. The area has many many small restaurants, bars and hotels.
8. Olympic venues
Usain Bolt of Jamaica broke the world record by winning at one Olympics gold medals in the 100 and 200 meters. Michael Phelps of America received 8 gold medals in Beijing! A visit to the Olympic complex in Beijing is an excellent opportunity to visit the places of Fame Olympic champions.
9. Beijing roast duck
Peking duck - a symbol of Beijing's local color. For those who are in Beijing for the first time, try the duck is a must. The traditional way of cooking duck in Beijing is a century and boasts an excellent reputation so far.
10. Beijing Opera
Peking Opera is a series of stylized action, including singing, dancing, acrobatics and fight. All this is necessary to tell the story of different characters and their emotions - joy, anger, surprise, fear and sadness. In Peking opera has four main roles: sheng (male), dan (young female), jing (painted face, male), and chou (clown, male or female).

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