10 Best Babies Books of 2014

Read all regarding it! we have got the year's high books for teenagers from zero to twelve, as well as nonfictional prose selects. you cannot miss with these, and your youngsters might even impart you!

"Toot", by Leslie Patricelli 
Ages 0–2

"Toot" is one from  10 best babies books of 2014. This colourful board book that includes Patricelli’s fashionable smiling baby much guarantees giggles from very little ones. A frank and really funny check up on a particular rackety body perform, utterly suited to the youngest of listeners.


"U is for Underwear", by Jesse Levison
Ages 0–2

While there square measure several alphabet board books to settle on from, Levison comes up with artistic and fun new words for every letter—F is for Fireworks and C is for Canoe—with crisp, bright illustrations to match.

"Planes Go", by Steve light
Ages 0–2

Like Trains Go before it, this rectangular board book focuses on all the various forms of planes and also the noises they create. From the sssswwwooossshhh of a fighter plane to the huk-huk-huk of a chopper, this book offers nice fun for reading aloud or for toddlers to flip through on their own.


"The little Red Box of Bright and Early Board Books", by P.D. eastman and michael Frith
Ages 0–2

A cute very little box with a handle contains four fashionable board books, Go, Dog, Go!; massive Dog . . . very little Dog; The Alphabet Book; and i will Teach My Dog plenty of Words. the right addition to a baby or tot shelf, this box of books that's simply their size may be a good way to urge very little ones excited regarding reading.


"The pigeon needs a Bath!" by Mo Willems
Ages 3–5

Pigeon may be a beloved book character, and permanently reason. In each new book he’s having associate degree emotional expertise very little ones will relate to with plenty of excellent humor. within the columbiform bird desires a Bath! even the flies square measure career Pidgeon smelly, however still he resists the tub…until he finally gets in. Then he ne'er needs to leave!


"Little Elliott, Big City", by mike Curato
Ages 3–5

Little Elliott may be a little different—he’s alittle polka-dotted elephant UN agency lives in big apple town. as a result of his size, Elliott generally gets lost within the crowd or includes a laborious present seen—something several youngsters can relate to. however once Elliott meets a mouse facing an equivalent challenges, he realizes they will facilitate one another. stunning illustrations paired with a sweet story of friendly relationship.


"Once Upon an Alphabet", by oliver jeffers
Ages 3–5

In a distinctive and fun strive against the alphabet book, John Robinson Jeffers (illustrator of last year’s hit The Day the Crayons Quit) has written a short story to accompany every letter. The twenty six stories square measure interconnected and way-out during a manner that each youngsters and adults can appreciate. This slightly outsized book simply lends itself to jumping in indiscriminately letters or going from A to Z and back once more.


"Rupert can Dance", by Jules Feiffer
Ages 3–5

For any kid UN agency has questioned what animals do at midnight, prince will Dance can spark their imagination. prince the cat slips on his owner Mandy’s recreation shoes every night whereas she sleeps and dances the night away on the QT. once he's discovered, he refuses to dance—until Mandy comes up with a program that prince can’t resist.


"Leroy Ninker Saddles Up: Tales from Deckawoo Drive, Volume One", by Kate DiCamillo
Ages 6–8

DiCamillo’s Mercy Watson series has been a staple for readers stepping into chapter books, and currently she’s created a replacement by-product series, Leroy Ninker Saddles Up. This thief-turned-cowboy has his hat and lasso, however no horse, till he meets spaghetti-loving equine Maybelline. fast action associate degreed friendly relationship embark an exciting new addition to chapter books.


"The Book with No Pictures", by B.J. Novak
Ages 6–8

A picture book format while not pictures—seems odd, doesn’t it? The Book with No footage is filled with surprises, and that’s what makes it such a lot fun. Ideal humor for teenagers UN agency have a larger understanding of reading, it provides them an honest mock adults UN agency have to be compelled to scan absurd words and sentences as a result of, after all, it’s within the book. nice silly fun.



Enjoy reading with your baby any of these 10 best babies books for 2014.