Spring has finally arrived and it’s time to think of the fruits to add to your healthy diet now. From rhubarb, mangoes to honeydew melon, there are many delicious and incredibly healthy spring-summer fruits to consume more to be healthy and full of energy. Take a look at the list of some of the best spring-summer fruits and start adding them to your diet day by day. These fruits are easy to store, easy to eat, and generally have plenty of health benefits.
Best Spring-Summer Fruits  to Add to Your Diet

1. Strawberries


Spring is the right time for a sweet red berries everybody knows. That’s right, I’m speaking aboutstrawberries. Between April and June you can find strawberries at local farmers’ markets. Sure, you can buy them now, but I don’t recommend eating strawberries right now since they are less healthy. You can use strawberries in almost every meal. Personally, I like to add strawberries to my grilled chicken salad ans smoothies.

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