Women - being creative adoring and dream to become a blonde brunette. Her creative the fairer sex show, mainly to work on his body. According to statistics, every woman at least once in their lives dreaming about a change of image, and, as a rule, all these changes are, if not hair, then hair color. And how many brunettes wants to see himself with platinum curls, no one can say for sure. But such wishes have always been and will be.
If you are the owner of dark shades, you should learn a little about the structure of your hair before applying them to the composition of discoloration. Pigment, from which depends the dark color of the hair, it is impossible to remove in one go. You have to be ready to conduct a minimum of three and a half hour sessions. But that's not all. Deciding to become a blonde, you have to expose the regrowth of hair the same procedure repeated every three to four weeks.

Multiple treatments using lightening blondatora adversely affect the scalp and the hair on the structure itself. As a result, instead of the beautiful light shade there is a risk to get allergies, dandruff and hair loss.

To avoid this, do not skimp on the procedures and preparations, and be sure to inspect for individual intolerance. To find out whether you have allergies to blondator enough for half an hour to put on the skin of the wrist or behind the ear a little money.

Before making a decision about clarification will not be more than skeptical look at ourselves. Will you color it? Will not the shortcomings of your skin lighter shade highlighted hair? Few women know that blondes all sorts of acne, wrinkles, age spots is much more noticeable than brunettes.

Also be prepared to complications with care and hair styling. Needless to over-dried and weakened hair is not only cost a gentle shampoo and a hair dryer regime. Even just comb it will be difficult. You will need special balms, conditioners, masks, cold and hot styling.

Firstly, we should not blindly trust advertising, I assure you will not lose a single hair. In this procedure, this process is inevitable. Secondly, do not believe in old wives' tales about miraculous properties of bleach broth chamomile or other herbs. To become a real blonde, you will need special chemicals. And it is desirable that it was a professional, individually tailored to you cosmetics, combining not only discoloration, and hair care. Otherwise, you can go without hair do.

After bleaching procedures should be applied to the hair roots special regenerating balms and masks that will strengthen the hair shaft. Also it is better to buy a special series of means to care for bleached hair, which in addition to the protective properties to help get rid of the yellow.

And, of course, it is best to abandon the carrying out of this relatively complex procedure at home and turn to professionals. In one sentence: "Beauty requires sacrifice."

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