One of the most popular DIY home improvement projects is the addition of a custom deck. Not only will building your own deck add to the enjoyment of your home and maximize the use of your property, the addition will add to the resale value of your home.
The outdoor deck is an iconic element of the American home, one that is found everywhere from the most modest bungalow to the most luxurious mansion. Because they are so popular, construction material for decks is constantly being improved, with new decking surfaces, connecting hardware and fasteners coming onto the market all the time. You can take advantage of these readily available materials and save money by adding a deck to your home yourself.
Decks can be built of cedar, red wood, pressure treated lumber or composite materials, but whatever you decide to build your deck from, if it is elevated above ground level you will need to add stairs to access the deck. And though stair building is a complicated carpentry project that demands a lot of calculations, ready made stair risers available at your home center in a variety of wood makes this an easy to tackle DIY project. Once you have a concrete or masonry landing pad poured for the bottom of your stairs, follow the guidelines below to easily build stairs for a deck yourself.
What you will need
  • Tape measure, pencil
  • Stair risers, ready to install
  • Lumber for stair threads: 2x12" stock of choice
  • Angle brackets
  • Hammer drill, concrete bit
  • Concrete fasteners
  • Hammer
  • Nails

1) Attach the top of the stringers to the deck: Stringers are the sides of the stairs across, which threads will be installed. Notched deck stringers can be bought at your home center and cut to length needed. Attach stringer to the face of the deck joist by driving nails through the back of the joist into the stringer or can attach use angle brackets to save time.

2) Attach the bottom of the stringers to landing pad. Fasten metal angle brackets to the stringer.Make sure the stringers are square and exactly parallel.Using a hammer drill, drill a pilot hole and then drive a concrete fastener through the bracket into the pad.
3) Install the treads. Cut the treads to overhang the stringers by 1-1/2 inches on either side. Fasten treads to the stringer with 16d galvanized nails or with 3-inch deck screws through pre-drilled holes.


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