Caesarian operation - a common method of delivery. Previously, it was a last resort, used to save lives in the event that there is no chance of distinct genera. But then this method began to be used much more widely and more often, but it is still around him do not cease debate. How Come? What accounts for these doubts and hesitations?

Cesarean section - what is it?

This - surgery in the mother's body. What's the point of it is that the appearance of a baby into the world is cut the abdominal wall and the wall of the uterus, dissected fetal bladder. Then on the uterus impose catgut sutures and sew it. The mean operative time - 20-40 minutes. Caesarian and planning, and emergency, when suddenly there is a danger.



• Risky for new genera of the uterine scar after already made earlier cesarean section;

• Diseases of the uterus;

• A narrow pelvis (it can be anatomically narrow - too narrow bone ring, as well as clinically narrow - when for a particular mother particular child is too large);

• The fruit of more than 4 kg;

• Diseases of the eye;

• Injuries muscles of the perineum;

• Injuries of the spine and pelvis;

• Placental abruption;

• Acute fetal hypoxia.

Everything has consequences

Sometimes mothers themselves prefer cesarean natural way. This applies to those who are not psychologically prepared to leave. They are afraid of pain and thought I better go to sleep, wake up - and see the baby. It is often forgotten postoperative wound and consequences for both mother and child. Are the easy delivery of this?

Surgery, even with the best scenario may have consequences - which can cause bleeding, infection, injury can occur to adjacent organs.

In addition, a cesarean section leaves a lot of prints, one of which - the seams on the abdomen and uterus. The seams on the abdomen can disperse - then be sure to consult your doctor. In addition, the seam can even grow together and well, but it looks very ugly. In this case again need surgery. Where the situation is worse with the seam on the uterus - unfortunately, they can not be correct. And from them will depend on the possibility of a new pregnancy and childbirth.

Another problem - breast-feeding. After surgery, the child can not be applied to the chest. This is due to the content of drugs that should be used in connection with the operation. Baby first time have to bottle feed, and not always then it is easy to accustom to the chest, because sucking a pacifier is much easier than my mother's breasts.

How much time is necessary to return to normal life?

• After the operation is allowed to rise after 6 hours, and transferred to a regular room during the day. On the fifth day doing ultrasound and if everything is in order, for 6-7 hours prescribed.

• The first month and a half bath prohibited - can take a shower only.

• Physical activity allowed no earlier than 2 months, if the healing takes place without any complications.

• Live sex life can be after 6 weeks, if the examination the doctor will not be revealed problems.

• Plan a new pregnancy, doctors advise not earlier than 2 years will pass.

And, very importantly, the effects are observed not only the mother but also the baby. Scientists have long shown that children born by caesarian section, harder to adapt to the environment. Natural childbirth - a powerful mechanism that triggers all the life support system of the baby. According to statistics, the "Caesar" is 2-3 times more likely to occur all sorts of neurological disorders.

Any operation involves anesthesia, preoperative and postoperative care. All this requires medications that can not be considered useful for the baby. That's the paradox - during pregnancy scared to drink extra tablet, and then - a lot of drugs. So think carefully before choosing a cesarean section without serious need.

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