It was a couple of days before Valentine's day and that i was walking disaster. My ex had born the breakup bomb months before and that i was still making an attempt to scrub up the mess. I spent endless hours on the phone with my girlfriends, wailful regarding my "singledom." I created a thought to hibernate in my lady Cave on the direful day with a bottle of alcoholic beverage and once Harry Met Sally. however i used to be missing out on the foremost necessary factor... I wasn't celebrating Maine.

So rather than wallowing in bittersweet chocolate on St Valentine's Day, get your winning perspective on, as a result of being single will cause a number of the most effective times of your life. whether or not you are fresh single or are single for a moment, here area unit ten pleasing reasons to celebrate YOU on Valentine's Day:

valentines day

1. It's fun to fly solo.
Being single doesn't suggest you've got to measure in lonely city. Get out and be social. Grab some girlfriends and go terpsichore, try a replacement edifice or set up a girls' weekend in Vegas. Hanging out along with your friends is quality time well spent. No men allowed.

2. Being single is healthier than being during a sucky relationship.
No matter who wielded the breakup hammer, hanging onto a nasty relationship is rarely the higher alternative. By being out of a relationship, you've got saved valuable time. Time you'll currently pay finding a far higher mate.

3. you're the ruler of the remote.
Your TiVo isn't therefore packed along with his recordings, so it starts deleting yours. you'll watch all the lamia TV shows, news shows or chick flicks you wish.

4. modification is sweet... no, great.
This is an excellent time to induce out of your temperature and take a look at one thing new. Take a gourmand change of state category, learn to talk French or take a visit somewhere you've got invariably needed to travel. Be brave. Be bold.

5. You get to place all of your attention on you.
Invest some time in having a relationship along with your fabulous self. Embrace your freedom and independence. Use this point to find who you actually area unit and what you actually wish out of life.

valentines day

6. You get to treat yourself to one thing special.
Since you are not out disbursement your money thereon good gift for your man (only to possess him be but addicted to it or come back it), why not buy one thing special for yourself? provide yourself credit for being the superb lady you're.

7. You get to try and do what you wish.
My ex needed to travel for a hike on Saturday mornings. I needed to travel for low and bagels. we tend to ne'er did what I needed. Now, Miss forward and Single, you get to try and do no matter you wish. maintain "me dates." Do what causes you to happy, evokes you, and energizes your passions.

8. You get to flirt... and flirt some additional.
Being single means that you get to try and do plenty of clean-handed frolic. therefore create eye contact thereupon cutie within the Starbucks line, the recent guy at the bar or that new colleague. slightly frolic goes an extended manner in boosting shallowness yet.


9. You get to form the life you wish.
This is an excellent time to come back up with a game set up for your future. therefore take steps to achieve your career goals, notice your dream living accommodations, take that dream trip or no matter you actually want. there is no higher time than the current, therefore get going!

10. You get to celebrate Valentine's day, your way.
This is every day to be barefacedly ungenerous. select a soothing massage. Do a marathon picture day along with your final celeb crush. Or throw a celebration along with your single friends and rent some action chick flicks with a heroine kicking butt rather than obtaining her heart stomped on.

The truth is, being single merely rocks as a result of you are absolutely unengaged to style the life you wish. Let V-day indicate finish. fancy this fabulous time in your life. Pop open a bottle of champs and celebrate YOU.

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