As we do every year, a course was held in March and April on “Beliefs, Pseudoscience and Critical Thinking.” CFI-Argentina, represented by me, was the organization behind this course. It is based on my book “Why Me?” (in Spanish “¡¿Por qué a mí?!”) and it deals on one side with our beliefs, that can lead us to wrong conclusions and decisions. On the other side, we deal with pseodoscience and magical thinking, explaining some of the most popular among them: astrology, parapsychology, alternative medicine, and so on.

Lecture at ARTECH

On June 18, I represented CFI in a lecture organized by the Univesity of La Punta, San Luis province, Argentina. The ARTECH series of lectures dealed with the relationship between art, science, and technology. The video of the lecture, by me and Alejandro Agostinelli can be seen here:

Alejandro Agostinelli, Hernán Martens, Federico Abrile and Alejandro Borgo

Article in Newsweek Argentina

Newsweek Argentina's magazine published an article about the debunking of pseudoscience. Many skeptics are interviewed there: Mario Bunge, Alejandro Agostinelli, Enrique Márquez, and me. It also presents a column about James Randi. See the article here:

Also, in September, I was interviewed on a TV news show about the death of one of the most famous astrologers in Argentina: Lily Süllös. She was very well known and published several books of predictions (most of them failed). Among other things, she claimed that she was an Egyptian priestess 3,600 years ago and that she lived on another planet. She was killed by her brother, who then committed suicide.

For about two months, I've been writing a column in an online newspaper calledDiarioVeloz, which is the only newspaper in Argentina that publishes notes debunking pseudoscience and charlatans. The section can be seen here:

Workshop on Bertrand Russell's The Conquest of Happiness

This is one of the most important activities carried on by CFI-Argentina, together with the Scientific Society of Argentina: a workshop on Bertrand Russell bookThe Conquest of Happiness. This is not about pseudoscience or critical thinking. This is a workshop where we analyzed the opinions of the great philosopher about happiness, using just common sense. A great book by a great author.

workshop attendees
more workshop attendees

At this moment I'm preparing a lecture for the people of MENSA about pseudoscience. And very soon CFI-Argentina will have its own page on Facebook for Spanish-speaking people. In the meantime, you can visit “Pasan Cosas Raras” page on Facebook, which deals with pseudoscience.

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