RAT or MOUSE (for those born in the years - 1924,1936,1948,1960,1972,1984,1996,2008)

As the first signs of the Chinese horoscope, the Rat is the beginning.
In the Chinese calendar month, determined by the sign of the Rat, includes the shortest daylight hours. On the old Chinese clock midnight designates a picture of the Rat, which means the beginning of a new day. Hour "Rats", or, in fact, a double hour lasts from 23:00 until after midnight.
Long before the names of animals were used in China to refer to the first character to use images baby, represents creation, inspiration and generation of ideas or actions.
Given that the rat hour is midnight, born under this sign can be a scientist who sits up at night for a long time on the books. This person is willing to sit at night to solve complex problems or puzzles to get the right answer. But if the rat and is able to carry out complex projects on paper, it is trying to wriggle out of the practical side of things, often leaving others bring it started to complete. These, although very useful, people are unlikely to change their nature. All representatives of this sign prefer to be at the very beginning of any business, and not at its end. They are sociable and support each other to be able to miraculously lead others and have a good connection, allowing to realize our plans.
Because of the bad sense of humor rat often taken too literally and properly, resulting in a lot of valuable argument fails, because rats are not able to express their views in a concise and understandable manner. Surprisingly, they have to be to blame for the fact that they are not able to grasp the irony, which sometimes resorted to others.
With regard to the ability to dispose of the family budget, these people sometimes take spontaneous decisions. Of course, they know how to spend money wisely, but their creative nature sometimes emotional beginning prevails over rational. From time to time, these people are able to lead a family vehicle in a safe harbor. Too much time is spent on it to Rats finally realized that for fed at times, can come the lean years, and therefore it is advisable to always be on the safe side headroom.
Although family ties and are important for such people, but nevertheless they are not paramount. With independent nature, they belong to the family members who can create a home away from the place where previously they were put roots. In the case of domestic conflict Rats opinion will be the most significant.
Rats are able to choose any career or profession that allows them to use their creative abilities. They are easy to make contact with the gift of persuasion, and perhaps in vain to manipulate other people. They are also adapted for use by teachers or lawyers. Because they prefer the freedom of movement and a flexible work schedule, then under such conditions they are working with special diligence and be more productive than if you would have been forced to work in strict time or within the regime.
Although these people are not too concerned about own appearance (they believe that others have and without it to see their true essence), Rat, if required, can make a good impression with their appearance.
Ideal partner:
Rats are the ideal partner will either Dragon or Monkey: both share an understanding of the importance of the Rat novelty and exoticism. Some rats can be useful at home, at work or in public life, but because the interests of the Monkey and the Dragon are very similar, they are not able to add something new to the experience of the Rat. If a rat wants to perform a secondary role in this relationship (although this is unlikely), then either the dog or the Tiger may be appropriate and stimulating their partner.


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