Fashion industry offers a broad variety of clothes for children of all the ages. There are dresses, suits, accessories, that follow the latest tendencies and represent “adult” styles. And kids often demand something alike to what their parents have. This may become a problem since children aren’t that neat or some accessories may just look inappropriate when used by them. Another issue to be solved is the disagreement between those who buy clothes and those who wear it. Conflicts of kids and their parents about what to wear happen really often. Anyway, choosing both fashionable and comfortable clothes that children will use with enthusiasm isn’t that tough.

Who’s wearing it?

First of all, parents have to remember that it’s the child who’s is going to wear the clothes bought. Sometimes adults are too busy with bringing their own fashion sense into kids’ lives, which is actually wrong. To understand what a child likes it’s important to understand what’s on in the world of the youngest in the family. Picking up style from movies, music videos and shows isn’t only adult’s nature. It’s definitely easier with girls as they can agree to watch fashion shows or magazines together. For boys it’s more simple to choose clothes already in the shop.

There are designers for kids, who make surveys on what children would like to wear and go for comfort, and there are those, who recreate the tendencies of “adult” fashion in their collections for the youngest audience. Here it’s important to decide whether a kid needs everyday casual outfit or something fancy for special occasions. It may become a problem when a girl doesn’t want to take off her splendid ball-dress at all and fitting her tastes in casual clothes is the key. As for boys it’s difficult sometimes to explain them that beautiful diminutive tuxedo isn’t something to wear and go to the playground while parents are looking the other way. Anyway, spoiled outfit must not become a reason for a serious quarrel – it’s only clothes.

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Wrong size – wrong style

In the fashion for kids size is always precise. Buying designers clothes with room for growth is inappropriate both for adults and for children. Kids do grow up fast, yet, they deserve having their clothes fitting. Usually the size in the collections for the youngest equals their age. For example, an average 8-year old girl has the 8 clothes size. There is also a grunge-style outfits for kids, however, in fact they are also fitting certain sizes. Plainly oversized clothes is very uncomfortable for energetic small people.

What also must be said that no matter how beautiful and stylish the model is, if it’s not comfortable enough for a child, nobody’s going to wear. At all. Kids are nimble and they prefer outfit that does not chain their moves. So, just to avoid tears and quarrels it’s better to choose clothes for the children together with them and pay the highest attention to their wishes.

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