Many people love spring and summer weddings, but nothing can compare to the soft, understated beauty of a winter wedding. Planning a winter wedding can be a bit challenging because many wedding ideas revolve around soft pastels intended for spring and summer nuptials. Here are some flattering color combinations that are suited for the elegance and beauty of a winter wedding.

Plum, Red And White

When you combine dark plums and bright reds with white or silver, you create a dazzling contrast against a white wedding gown.

Red amaryllis, plum flowers or fruit and white flowers sprinkled with sparkling sugar can be used to create centerpieces or bouquets.



White And Green

If you are going for a classic look with your color combination, consider white and green.

Pairing white roses with a green partner like calla lilies provide a dramatic look.

Pink And Yellow

While pink is often used in spring and summer weddings, it can also work in a winter wedding. The poinsettia comes in the perfect color combination of pink and yellow in winter’s most well-known flower.

You can also add texture to your pink and yellow flowers by adding white flowers.



Dark Pink, Purple And Red

A winter wedding provides an ideal opportunity to implement darker shades of red, purple and pink into your wedding.

They are dramatic colors and when used against a white setting, create the perfect depth of color for the season. Orchids, lilies and dahlias are available in these rich, darker shades.

Green And Red

If you are planning a wedding in December, then you must consider using the traditional colors of the season, green and red. This classic combination is appealing to the eye and provides a festive feel wherever it’s used.

You don’t have to stick with flowers for this color combination. Use red pillar candles surrounded by rings of evergreen and red berries.



Deep Brown And Ivory

Deep brown might not be considered a romantic color, but when it is used along with ivory, it creates a rich and elegant look.

For brides with a sweet tooth, it also gives them an opportunity to decorate with chocolate.

Bold Red And Pink

Winter is the season with the most romantic holiday in it, so it makes sense to have the colors associated with Valentine’s Day in your wedding.

These are also wonderful colors to use if you’re determined to have roses as the flowers at your wedding.



Black, White And Light Green

If the groom wants to have a hand in selecting the colors for your winter wedding, this color combination of black, white and light green is perfect.

These colors make any area feel and look elegant.


Various Shades Of Green

When you use different shades of green against a white backdrop, you can create a unique look that reflects the only greenery seen during the winter season. You can use different flowers, greens and fruit to pull of this monochromatic look.

Having a winter wedding is an exciting way to start your new life with the person you love. You have a unique opportunity to decorate with a variety of colors that can reflect the tastes of the bride and groom when you take advantage of these color combinations.

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