Last year Lauren blogged about a few of her favorite ways to deal with unruly jewelry in her post, Operation Organize: The Necklace Nightmare, so when we found Amanda PeQueen’s adorable DIY jewelry storagesolution we had to show it off to everyone!

By affixing a couple strings of wire to empty frames, Amanda created a wonderfully chic place to store all of her bits and baubles. For an extra lovely finish, back the frames with some pretty fabric. According to Amanda, it’s a “$3 craft project!” To put it all together, she “picked up the frames from the dollar store and used wire, scrap fabric, and leftover spray paint.” Brilliant right? She said that it’s “an organized and beautiful way to store jewelry!” And we couldn’t agree more!

Be sure to add Amanda as a friend so you can take a peek at her album, Some Crafty Things, that’s filled with other simple DIY decor projects!

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