Even if you participated in fads when you were a kid, you may not understand today’s Internet-fueled fads. The Web has allowed for young adults to ban together based on common interests, and this has created a number of crazes: some fun, some potentially dangerous. Fortunately, there are ways to talk to your kids about having fun while they stay safe when it comes to fads.

Remind Them That It’s Only Temporary

If your kids feel left out of a fad, remind them that it’s not going to matter in a few weeks.

Fads burn themselves out quickly, and in a little while, another one will be along. In the meantime, they can assert their individuality by choosing not to take part in it, which will boost their self-confidence.



Have Them Consider The Future

Kids don’t always see the long-term results of fads and crazes. If they ask you for a toy or item of clothing that’s part of a fad, ask them how much money they will waste if it goes out of style a month or two later.

If they have to spend their own money to buy the item, it may make them think twice.

Discuss Possible Dangers

If the fad involves a physical act that might be dangerous, discourage your kids when it comes to taking part in it.

Let them know exactly what could happen and that they might get hurt in ways where the pain will long outlast the fad. Remind them to think before they go along with the crowd.



Talk About Money

A fad or a craze is a good opportunity to teach younger kids about the value of a dollar. Discuss the price of the item and whether or not it will really benefit them in the long run.

Talk about wanting vs. needing something and how going without is sometimes a necessity for everyone, not just them.

Remain Aware Of Your Child’s Involvement

If the fad seems to be affecting your child’s physical or emotional well-being, talk to them about why. Are they staying up late texting their friends about it?

Are they feeling left out? Are they being bullied online because of something associated with the fad? The more you remain aware, the better off your child will be.



Talk To Them About Your Experiences

Telling your kids about the fads you remember and even some of the silly things you did because of them will let them know you understand why fads are important.

You will also be giving them the benefit of your experience. You won’t be able to stop the fad, but your child will benefit from knowing that you went through the same experiences.


Don’t Belittle The Fad

Remember that even if they seem silly, fads are a pivotal part of childhood. You should never make your child feel guilty about wanting to participate.

If the item or craze is beyond the family’s means financially, then you can explain that, but making your child feel dumb or silly for wanting to take part will only damage their self-esteem.

Remind yourself that the fad will pass soon enough, and another one will be along soon enough to take its place.